How to operate the watch winder ?

Jan 19, 21
How to operate the watch winder ?

Recently, users who have purchased mozsly watch winder ask questions about how to use watch winder correctly.

Next, I will show you the installation steps in detail.


First. How to use the watch winder

1. First of all, you must understand the function of each gear before using the watch winder. Generally speaking, the first gear means stop, the second gear is clockwise for 4 minutes, the third gear is counterclockwise for 4 minutes, and the stop time is 56 minutes, and then continue. Although the fourth gear can be counterclockwise for 8'08 minutes, it only stops for 51'52 minutes, then runs clockwise, and then stops for 51'52 minutes after 8'08 minutes,and then recycles.

2. After clarifying the usage method of the meter, turn on the switch, place the mechanical watch on the small dial inside the meter, then close it, adjust the gear you want, and the back meter will automatically rotate Up. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is very suitable for office workers who are usually busy at work.


Second, choose the right watch winder

When many watch players buy watch winder, they don't know which one to choose because of the many types. If the choice is inappropriate, you will find that the winding effect cannot be achieved with the original, and it will cause damage to the movement. At present, most watch winders are equipped with one watch and double watch, which rotates at an angle of 45°.

In fact, the principle of winding mechanical watches, most of them use eccentric oscillating weight (automatic or weighing weight), shaped like a semi-circular disk, using heavy metal products with thicker edges, using gravity and people The swing of the arm rotates and drives a set of gears to wind up the mainspring. There is another important point in the winding, that is gravity. The oscillating weight of a watch that rotates at an angle of up to 45° has a poor use effect on this point, and may also cause damage to the movement. The correct one is to maintain a vertical state with the ground, and by rotating around the center of the circle, it can achieve a state that simulates the winding of human flesh. Therefore, the watch shaker that rotates through the outer ring has a poor winding effect. By rotating around the center of the circle, the watch shaker that maintains a vertical state with the ground is more in line with the design concept of mechanical watches.


Mozsly watch winder usage details

After receiving the product sent by mozsly, open the package and check whether the accessories are complete and whether there is scratch damage.


1. Take out the watch holder from the watch winder, and then pinch the watch holder to place and fix the watch! The details are shown in the figure.

Finally, install the glass cover to complete the first step of watch installation.

2. Power switch

When the product starts to operate, please set the quick switch to "OFF", and then you can use AA batteries or power supply. (Please choose one of the power supply methods, do not use at the same time, so as not to damage the product.)

That concludes the installation instructions. If you want more information, you can contact us at, or email

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