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Watch Winder TPD Parameters

How to Wind a Blancpain Watch?

by SheldonLong 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

How to Wind a Blancpain Watch?


About Blancpain
How to wind a Blancpain watch?
Watch winders for Blancpain

In the context of modern technological advancement, the mechanical watch is no longer just a timepiece, but a work of art. Expensive watches can be described as mechanical marvels. The pursuit of manual craftsmanship and adherence to watch culture are the reasons for the existence and allure of mechanical watches.

Owning a Blancpain is the dream of many watch enthusiasts. Winding a watch is also a form of communication with the watch. Do you know how to wind a Blancpain watch? Today I will provide you with a detailed introduction.

About Blancpain

Blancpain, founded in 1735, is the oldest Swiss watch brand in history and the world's first registered watch brand. As one of the world's leading mechanical complications watchmakers, Blancpain is also one of the few brands that can design, develop, manufacture, assemble, and sell its watches entirely in-house. Since its inception, the brand has maintained an innovative spirit, pushing the boundaries of watchmaking expertise.

Compared to large watchmakers like Rolex, which produces around 2,000 watches a day, Blancpain produces fewer than 30 watches a day. Each watch is made by a single watchmaker. The meticulously handcrafted details create timepieces with an innovative element while remaining true to the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

How to wind a Blancpain watch?

  1. The majority of Blancpain self-winding watches have a power reserve of 40 to 288 hours. This implies wearing a watch throughout the day in normal activity conditions.
  2. If the movement has stopped, it is best to wind it manually by turning the crown at least 40 times. Manual winding is in the same way as any other watch. This operation provides the watch with the bare minimum of power reserve before replacing it on the wrist.
  3. Models with a calendar that changes around midnight must have a power reserve of at least 20 hours to power the entire mechanism. Otherwise, the watch will likely stop around midnight.

If you are tired of winding your watch manually, or if you own more than one watch, we recommend using a watch winder.

Watch Winders for Blancpain

1. What is a watch winder?

Mechanical watches stop working when they are not worn on a regular basis or when there is insufficient movement. To avoid mechanical watches from not running for an extended period of time and causing damage, watch winders are created.

A watch winder is a watch box that contains a motor for automatically winding high-end mechanical watches. The watch winder has a miniature motor that can be controlled by shifting gears and switches and is powered by a battery or an external power supply. This watch box contains a small rotatable dial that is slowly rotated by the micro motor, creating the effect of automatic winding by simply placing the mechanical watch inside this dial.

2. How to select a watch winder?

There are numerous types of watch winders available in the face of the current market, and choosing a low-quality watch winder undoubtedly destroys the watch. There are many things to note when choosing a good watch winder.

The first and foremost is the direction of rotation and TPD(turns per day). If these do not match your watch, purchasing a watch winder is pointless. The rotation direction is best if it can be clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional all three are available to easily adapt to different watches. The size of the pillow is also very important, the correct size will keep your watch from falling off. You also have to consider its security, portability, etc. 

3. Watch winder settings for Blancpain

The majority of Blancpain watches require 650-950 TPD and need to be wound clockwise. Below are some of the most popular Blancpain models and their winding settings.

0035 Minute Repeater CCW 650
0062 Ultra-Slim Ladybird & Ultra-Slim for Women CW 650
0071 Ultra-Slim (Mens' and Ladies') CW 650
0072 Ultra-Slim w/small secs (Mens' & Ladies') CW 650
0095 Automatic w/Date Slim CW 650
0096J Jewelry Ladies Extra Slim CW 650
0560STC L-Evolution Flyback Chronograph CW 840-950
1158 Villeret Ultra-Slim CCW 650
1185 Chronograph w/date / Villeret Chronograph CW 800-950
2041 Leman Alarm Watch CW 800-950
2086F Leman Split-Seconds Chrono CW 800-950
2101 2100 Watch, Smaller Version, 100 Hr. P.R. CCW 650
2150A Leman Aqualung Monaco Yacht Show 2005 CCW 650-800
2160 Leman Double Time Zone / GMT CCW 650
2182F Leman Aqua Lung Flyback Chronograph CW 840-950
2189F Leman Tourbillon CCW 840-950
2200A "50th Anniversary" Fifty Fathoms Diver's Watch CCW 650
2360 Leman Complete Calendar Moon Phase CCW 650
2485F Specialites Flyback Chrono CW 840-950
2625 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar CW 540
2825A Leman Tourbillion Grande Date CW 800-950
2841 Leman GMT Alarm Watch CW 800-950
2860 Leman Double Time Zone CCW 650
2925 Leman Tourbillon Semanier CW 800-950
3363 Woman Complete Calendar Moon Phases LE CCW 650
3553 Renaissance Date Watch w/ moonphase CCW 650
4082 Villeret Chronograph CW 800-950
4083 Chronograph CW 800-950
4238 Le Brassus: Equation Marchante CW 800-950
4277 Perpetual Calendar GMT Havana CW 800
4286 Split-Seconds Flyback Chronograph CW 800-950
4289Q Le Brassus Tourbillon CW 800-950
50015 Sport, "500 Fathoms," Date & Seconds CW 960
5085F Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph Sport CW 840-960
5395 Perpetual Calendar Slim CW 650
5585 Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Slim CCW 800-950
5885F Air Command Flyback Chronograph CW 840-950
6025 Tourbillon, Power Reserve / Villeret Tourbillon CW 650-950
6025AS Specialites Tourbillon "Squelette" CW 650-950
6036 Villeret Minute Repeater CCW 650
6038 Villeret Equation Marchante CW 650
6102A 2006 Valentine’s Watch CW 650
6263A Villeret Moon Phase CCW 650
6653 Villeret Ultra-Slim Retrograde Seconds CCW 650
6850 Ultra-Slim, Double Window Date CCW 650
8805 L-Evolution "Automatique 8 Jours" CW 1080
8841 L-Evolution GMT Alarm Watch CW 800-950
8866 L-Evolution "8 Jours" Complete Calendar Moon Phases CW 1080


If you cannot find your watch model on this table, you can consult the manufacturer or try it on repeatedly to determine the winding pattern of your watch.

  • CW - Clockwise winding direction
  • CCW - Counterclockwise winding direction
  • Both - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise)
  • TPD - Turns per day

Don't be concerned if the TPD for winding your watch is slightly higher than the recommended value. Each automatic watch has a built-in safeguard to prevent over-wounding.

4. What watch winder is suitable for Blancpain?

High-end watches, without a doubt, require exquisite watch winders. Here are 2 highly rated watch winders that we recommend.

Dubele Automatic Watch Winder Box with Unique 4 Rotation Modes - Orange


  • Material: Wood box/leather pillow/Acrylic panel
  • Color: Orange/Black/Brown/ Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 8.8*5.9*4.7inch
  • 4 modes, TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500
  • Supports all three winding directions
  • Anti-magnetization
  • Mabuchi motor
  • Dual power supply
  • 3 years warranty
    This watch winder is a unique Orange color with a multi-pass painting process for a more beautiful, shiny, and smooth finish. Inside, the leather and wood grain look stylish and luxurious. It looks great .


Best Single Watch Winder - Black

  • Material: Wood box/PU pillow/Acrylic panel
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 4.4 x 6 x 4.4inch
  • 4 modes, TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500
  • Supports all three winding directions
  • Anti-magnetization
  • Mabuchi motor
  • Dual power supply
  • 3 years warranty

This watch winder is as simple and understated as any of Blancpain's other classic black watches. If you are a watch collector who wants your watch to be less noticeable while still looking regal, this black watch winder is the perfect choice for you. It will help to improve the appearance of your expensive watch without being overly ostentatious.


A Blancpain watch is a source of pride. Because it is an automatic mechanical watch, you can wind it simply by wearing it. However, if you have multiple watches that need to be replaced and do not have as much energy to maintain them, a watch winder is recommended, and our Mozsly watch winder is an excellent choice.

Thanks for your reading. If you want to see more models of watch winders, you can take a look at Mozsly, we provide a full range of services for you.If you have any question, please feel to contact me.

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