FAQ – MOZSLY Watch Winder Cases & Watch Boxes

Why you need a MOZSLY watch winder?

Wristwatches with mechanical movements rely on spring-wound engines to operate. Traditionally, such watches are hand-wound daily via a winding crown to ensure proper operation. This winding motion generates random wrist movements of the wearer as he or she engages in normal day-to-day activities while wearing the watch. Generally, the winding rotor mechanism swings through an arc of 30 to 60 degrees as the wearer works or walks or swings his or her arm, As long as the watch is being worn, it runs continuously and accurately. The watch's mainspring stores the required energy to power the watch and maintains its precision via the balance wheel oscillations. This means that a mechanical watch that is wound daily maintains its optimum operational and time-keeping qualities.

A watch winder is a powered unit that functions to keep an automatic watch fully wound, thereby eliminating the need for manual rewinding and resetting. When mounted on the winder, the watch rotates clockwise, counterclockwise, or in both directions with the rotation axis being the centerline of the watch. Therefore, the watch rotates in the same plane as the hands of the watch. A watch winder does the job for owners of multiple watches who want to maintain their automatics and complications in ready-to-wear conditions.

All MOZSLY Watch Winders employs a solid-state microprocessor that programmed to control a D/C motor that intermittently drivers a rotating compartment. This rotating unit carries the soft watch pillow, which rotates inside the compartment to give maximum protection for all your fine automatic watches.


Is it delivered to my country?

Sure, our target market is all over the world. You can order our products anywhere.


If I'm not satisfied with your product, can I return it?

Yes, you can return the item you bought from the MOZSLY Store within 30 calendar days after the day you received it.



What should I do if my MOZSLY Watch Winder has stopped working?

First of all, we are sorry you are experiencing this problem, you can use this link to jump to our customer service page, fill in your information and submit it, our after-sales customer representative will contact you via email within 12 hours.