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Are Watch Winders Safe? - will they damage my watch?

by SheldonLong 28 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Are Watch Winders Safe? - will they damage my watch?


There is a lot of discussion about watch winders and whether they are safe to use. Will a watch winder damage a watch? If you look online, you may find different answers. Some people think that the winder will damage the watch, while others think that it will not be a problem.

So we're here to honestly answer the question of whether tools on a watch can damage it. The correct answer to this question is that it depends. With a high-quality cord winder, you don't have to worry about that. These are meant to mimic the movement of the wrist and store energy to keep the movement going so it doesn't stop.

The problem is that low-quality watch winders can cause the watch to be overwound, damaged, or magnetized. Having said that, you shouldn't compromise when it comes to watch winders.

Watch Winders Safe


Why use a Watch Winder?

When you wear an automatic watch, gravity and movement cause a rotor inside the movement to spin, which powers the watch. The rotor will not wind the movement if you are not wearing an automatic watch. As a result, the watch will eventually stop working since its energy reserves will be depleted.

When you put your watch in a watch winder, it spins to turn the rotor and power the mechanism.

Therefore, a watch winder keeps an automatic watch operating when it isn't being worn, sparing you from constantly setting the watch since it is dead.

Are Watch Winders Dangerous?

Those who believe that watch winders are dangerous or harmful to watches usually refer to some theory. The most common claim is that a watch winder wears out the movement from constant, excessive wear. Of course, when a watch is in motion and functioning all the time, parts wear out faster due to friction, right? The same theory holds that giving the watch a break reduces friction and increases its lifespan.

But the truth is, watches are meant to be worn. all the time. If it breaks just by wearing it, there may be a bigger problem with the watch. Which of these activities—biking, excavating, etc.—do you think would put the most strain and harm on the movement if a watch winder's rotation were compared to those activities?

Another issue with leaving the watch idle for a while is that the lubricating fluid inside the movement may eventually dry out and clog, which would reduce the movement's accuracy. Therefore, the fundamental question is whether the consequences of leaving the watch idle and not running constantly are indeed worse for the watch than any potential drawbacks of continuous operation.

Having said that, a watch winder is often not harmful to your watch. They only imitate the wrist's motion. Of course, watches are intended to be worn on the wrist. But keep in mind that not every cable winder is created equal. Many different winders operate in many different modes and have different qualities, some of which may be detrimental to your watch.

Here are the main downsides of watch winders:

  • Inaccurate TPD leads to over-winding of the watch and excessive wear on the slip-clutch
  • Magnetization of the watch from the motor and magnet

Often, the difference between a lower-quality watch winder and a higher-quality, well-made watch winder is that the higher-quality winder has a more refined and well-made pattern. These operating modes ensure that the winder does not wind the watch more than is necessary to power the watch.

After all, there is no point in winding a watch that is already fully wound. Having said that, you cannot overwind automatic watches, as they are equipped with a slipping clutch that prevents the mainspring from being overwound. But while the mainspring won't be overwound in a snap, it's never good to keep winding it up when it's full, because it means the slipping clutch will be constantly activated. In other words, if the watch is wound improperly in the watch winder, it can cause excessive wear and eventually damage the slipping clutch.

This is why it is very important to purchase a quality winder that has the appropriate winding mode for the movement. Most qualitative winders allow you to set the winding mode in the settings to determine how many turns and for how long the winder should run. These winders also feature a "rest mode" that gives the watch time to rest when it is fully wound and does not need to be wound.

With these winders, you don't have to worry about damaging your watch by overwinding. Note that different watches have different needs, so it's important to choose the winder operating mode that works for your watch (and choose a winder that allows you to do so).


One potential problem that is often discussed when it comes to watch winders is magnetization. Some low-quality winders may have magnetic fields from the motor. Magnetic and mechanical watches have been known to not play well together, as magnetism can cause the mainspring to stick, resulting in a loss of accuracy.

Don’t be tempted by cheap imports or products from companies that you have not researched.

However, a good-quality watch winder that is compatible with your watch should not damage it. And the consensus from the main watch brands and winder manufacturers is that watch winders are safe to use. Again, if you buy your watch winder from a quality and reliable manufacturer, you don't have to worry about this issue.

In Conclusion

All in all, are watch winders safe?

Yes, watch winders are perfectly safe to use. If you buy a good watch winder, you won't have to worry about magnetism or overwinding. There are numerous modes on these winders that allow you to tailor the winding to your watch. You can always use the lowest spin and duration on the winder if you're not sure. This will keep it running, but not activate the fan too often.

As long as you set your watch winder to the correct mode setting, and buy a quality winder, then yes, watch winders are safe and you don't have to worry about damaging your watch.

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Best Watch Winder


High Gloss Carbon Fiber Watch Winder Black Leather Interior

carbon fiber leather single watch winder for rolex

This is a super premium watch barrel, it is beautifully selected carbon fiber PU leather, black PU leather, and clear acrylic glass, which brings a comfortable touch and a beautiful look to this luxury watch barrel, it is a great gift idea.

Each winder is powered by an ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor. These motors come in a variety of different modes that you can set to suit your watch's needs. This includes options for a clockwise setting, a counterclockwise setting, or a combination of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The speed setting of the motor can be set to 650, 850, 1050, or 1250.

Mozsly Automatic Winder for 1 Watch 


This single-watch winder is compact and easy to use. With its clean design, it is also suitable as an interior decoration detail.

The bobbin winder is equipped with a motor that prevents over-winding. The winder gently turns the watch in one consistent motion over an extended period of time. The watch winder can run on AC power (100-240V) or 2 AA batteries, and the connecting cable allows you to easily connect multiple watch winders together.



MOZSLY watch winder adopts Japanese Mabuchi Motor, combined with the gearbox inside the watch winder, it runs very quietly and can be used anytime and anywhere, especially in bedrooms and offices.

Watch Winder, Piano Finish with Adjustable [Upgraded] Bezel

carbon fiber paint single watch winder


Beautiful high-gloss carbon fiber piano finish and clear acrylic glass give this luxury watch winder a comfortable feel and long-lasting use.

It is powered by a Japanese engine. Guaranteed to keep annoying noise below 5 decibels, providing extremely quiet, stable operation and long life. A truly noiseless cord winder that you can keep in your bedroom.


In addition, the winder has 3 rotation modes: clockwise mode, counterclockwise mode, and clockwise + counterclockwise mode, and is programmed to rotate differently every day (650/850/1020/1250).
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