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Keep Your Watch Always On Time

by SheldonLong 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Keep Your Watch Always On Time


A watch winder: what's the point?

First of all, we need to distinguish between three types of watches:



Quartz Watches

Which run on batteries, and don't need winding. When they no longer work, all you have to do is change the battery at a watchmaker's and it's ready to go again.


Manual Mechanical Watches

Which are recharged every day by winding the crown. Winders don't work on manual watches.



Autmatic Mechanical Watches

Which recharge themselves through wrist movements; these require an oscillating weight to wind the mainspring.


Operation and advantages

A watch winder simulates the natural movements of the wrist while winding your timepiece via a motor that triggers either uni- or bidirectional rotation to recharge the mainspring. There are three main advantages of this accessory, widely acclaimed among fans of fine mechanisms:



The Mechanism Remains in Movement, Preventing The Oils From Congealing Watches

Contrary to popular belief, allowing your watch to collect dust is not the best way of taking care of it: the less a watch is worn, the greater the risk that its lubricant will dry out prematurely, blocking the watch's mechanism. With a watch winder, there's no need to worry.



Your Watch Is Always On Time

A trivial detail for some, but quite practical when you're in a rush and want to slip your favorite watch on your wrist without setting the time again.



The Aesthetic

MOZSLY displays your watch in a box composed of high-end materials or in a very detailed design. So you can proudly display them at home. On some furniture or under the chimney (but not too close to the fireplace!). So it is just an object that is both useful and attractive; a must for any watch lover.


Nothing but the best

For our watch winders, we have been offering the best quality winders for 10 years, accumulating all the expertise and know-how sought after in this field.

Our selection criteria are very strict and all the models we offer have the following 5 essential characteristics.




With a very quiet high-quality motor from Switzerland, you'll even be able to leave your winder on your night stand to sleep close to your watch! 



Superior Battery Life

This depends on the settings you choose (TPD and orientation), the weight of the automatic watch carried by the watch winder, and the quality of the 2 AA batteries you use. The official test data are 26 days (4 weeks) and are for reference only.




The motor is isolated in order to block any magnetic fields that might cause your mechanical watches to malfunction by magnetizing them and affecting their precision. 



Ideal Size

Compact dimensions, elegant design: our models fit perfectly into the room of your choosing, without taking up too much space.



3-Year Guarantee

Because we have full confidence in the quality of our models, we're offering a one-time 3-year international guarantee.


Our models

Our collection is divided into 2 models: the single watch winder and the double watch winder. Take a look at the features here.

Guarantee 3 years
Weight 2.62 lbs
Dimensions 8.8*5.9*4.7 inches
Made in China
Material Soft touch leather
Power 2 batteries
Battery lifespan 3 years (long)
Programmable No (for most watches with two-way factory configuration)
Anti-magnetic Yes
TPD and rotation settings 3 directional options 4 TPD
Motor Marble to Motor
Price 89.99 USD

● Stylish Design

Selected high-grade materials and clear acrylic glass make this luxury watch winder a great gift option with a comfortable touch and long-lasting use.

● Extremely quiet

Adopt Japanese motor to provide long-lasting operation for the watch winder box without noise. You can put him anywhere in your bedroom office without any effect.

● Multiple settings of TPD and rotation

3 direction options (clockwise, counterclockwise or alternate) and 4 TPD (revolutions per day) settings from 650, 900, 1200 or 1500, suitable for most mechanical watches on the market.

● Connection of multiple mechanical

The watch winder can be powered by AC or 2 batteries. You can also use an adapter to connect multiple mechanical watch cases in series.

● Multiple colors, versions and options

We decided to spoil you! We offer a total of several different colors: stylish orange, space metallic black, vintage brown, classic wood grain, mahogany piano finish, etc.; and 4 premium materials: metal, leather and wood.


Available colors, versions and options

We decided to spoil you! We offer a total of 4 different colors: black, orange, silver, brown; 4 premium materials: metal, leather, wood and carbon fiber.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to know more about and watch winder, you can visit our blog where there is a wide variety of information for you. Mozsly pricing for our watch winders starts at $89.99 and you can learn about our watch winder collection through our official website Mozsly.

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