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Watch Care: How to Keep Your Watch Running Smoothly

by SheldonLong 30 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Watch Care: How to Keep Your Watch Running Smoothly


Table Of Contents
Why watch care is essential
Watch care 101: how to keep your timepiece ticking
Watch winders - is it necessary?
How to choose the right watch winder for You?
In conclusion

Are you the lucky owner of a precious heirloom timepiece, or are you ready to splurge on a luxurious watch of your own? Whether you're a novice or a seasoned collector, taking care of your watch is essential to keep it ticking accurately and looking its best. In this article, we'll dive into the importance of watch care and equip you with some simple yet practical methods and tips to keep your timepiece running like a dream. Get ready to discover the secrets to keeping your watch in tip-top shape!

Why Watch Care Is Essential

Watches are more than just timekeeping tools; they're also reflections of personal style and taste. To keep your watch looking and performing at its best, regular watch care is essential.

Firstly, regular watch care can extend the lifespan of your watch. Through careful inspection of all its parts, any potential malfunctions can be caught and addressed, avoiding costly breakdowns and adding years to your watch's life. Just like a car, watches require scheduled maintenance to keep them ticking for the long haul.

Secondly, watch care is crucial to maintain accuracy and reliability. Watches are precision instruments that require delicate care to maintain their accuracy and reliability. Regular care involves lubricating the movement and checking and adjusting all parts of the watch to ensure they're functioning correctly and keeping time accurate.

Furthermore, watch care is critical for preserving its value and potential as a family heirloom. Watches are valuable items, and regular care can ensure that all parts of the watch are in good working order, preserving its value and collectible potential. Watches can also hold sentimental value as family heirlooms, so scheduled care can ensure that the watch is in perfect condition to be passed down through the generations.

In short, watch care is essential. It can extend the lifespan of your watch, maintain accuracy and reliability, preserve its value and collectible potential, and ensure it can be passed down as a treasured family heirloom. So, if you want your watch to continue serving you, regular watch care is a must.

Watch Care 101: How to Keep Your Timepiece Ticking

Taking proper care of your watch is crucial to keep it in top condition for years to come. After all, it's far more cost effective to maintain a watch than to repair it. we'll take you through the essentials of watch care, covering everything from cleaning and storage to regular servicing. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the secrets to keeping your timepiece ticking with "Watch Care 101: How to Keep Your Timepiece Ticking".


Clean Watch:

Cleaning a watch is essential, and keeping it clean is a key step in ensuring it stays fresh and shiny. Just like washing your face, giving your watch a daily wash is vital to maintaining its appearance and longevity. We will provide 8 simple steps to teach you how to clean your watch at home. Please note that the following steps are only applicable to watches with gold, metal, and stainless steel case and strap.

Step 1: Prepare the watch cleaning kit

To get started, you'll need a soft toothbrush or a specific brush for watches, two pieces of clean microfiber cloth, a pack of antibacterial wipes, a bowl of warm water, and a bowl of warm soapy water.

Step 2: Remove and bathe the strap

Separate the strap from the watch case and place it in a warm soapy bath for 10-15 seconds.

Step 3: Brush gently the strap

After the warm bath, use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the strap, paying special attention to the clasp.

Step 4: Rinse the strap

Dip the strap in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 seconds to rinse off any remaining dirt.

Step 5: Dry the strap with a clean microfiber cloth

Pat the strap dry with a clean microfiber cloth, or use a hair dryer to remove any remaining moisture.

Step 6: Wipe the case

Using an antibacterial wipe, thoroughly clean the surface of the case, crystal, bezel, dial side, case back, and lugs to refresh the shine.

Step 7: Dry the case with a clean microfiber cloth

Pat the case dry with a clean microfiber cloth to ensure all dirt and moisture are removed.

Step 8: Reattach the strap to the case

Once the case and strap are entirely dry, reattach them, and voila! Your watch is clean, fresh, and shiny, just like new.

If you don't have time for a full clean, give your watch a quick wipe down with an antibacterial wipe and dry it with a paper towel every time you get home. And if you're ever in doubt or need professional care, don't hesitate to entrust your watch to the experts. Get ready to revive your timepiece with our simple guide to cleaning your watch!

To Wind an Automatic Watch:

A watch is a delicate item that requires regular care and care to keep it accurate and in good working order. Winding a watch is an important step in care. Below we will focus on the steps and precautions for winding a watch.


1. Wear a watch

The rotor of an automatic mechanical watch rotates with the movement of the wearer's wrist, winding the mainspring of the watch. As long as you wear your automatic mechanical watch for at least 8 hours a day, the watch will automatically wind and run normally.


2. Use the watch winder

If you own multiple watches or don't wear your automatic watch every day, you can use a watch winder to wind your watch and keep it on at all times. Simply place the watch on the winder and set it to the recommended number of revolutions per day for your particular watch. This will keep the watch wounded and prevent it from losing its power reserve.


3. Manually Wind an Automatic Watch

If your watch has not been worn for an extended period and has stopped moving, it may need to be wound manually to keep it functioning properly. Here are the steps for manual winding:

1) Wind the watch by turning the crown

  • Make sure the crown of the watch is rotatable. Most automatic watches have a rotating crown, but some watches may have a fixed crown that cannot be rotated. If you're not sure if your watch's crown is rotatable, check your watch's instruction manual or consult a professional watch repairer.
  • Pull out the crown of the watch until it pops off. Usually, the crown needs to be pulled out to the second position, which stops the second hand and facilitates manual time adjustment.
  • Turn the crown clockwise until you feel some resistance. Resistance indicates that the watch has started to be wound. Please do not use too much force to turn the crown, so as not to cause damage to the movement of the watch.
  • Keep turning the crown until you feel some resistance lessen, or the crown stops turning any further. This indicates that the watch is fully wound. Be careful not to overwind your watch, as this may cause damage to the watch's movement.
  • When you have finished winding, push the crown back in. Press the crown down slightly and turn it until you feel the crown fully connected to the watch.

2) Winding pull-out crown

  • Find the watch's crown and pull it out to the second or third position. Depending on the design of the watch, there is usually a marking indicating where the watch can be wound manually.
  • Turn the crown clockwise until you feel resistance. This indicates that the watch has started to be wound.
  • Each time you turn the crown, you only need to turn it clockwise 30-40 times. Please be careful not to overwind the watch as this may cause damage to the mechanism.
  • The watch is fully wound when you feel difficulty turning the crown. At this time, please push the crown back to its original position.

Every watch is different, so it's important to read the instructions to see what happens when you turn the crown to different positions. If you are not sure how to wind your watch by hand or if it needs repairs, please consult a professional watchmaker. Remember that the manual winding of automatic watches requires regular care to ensure accuracy and proper function. We recommend that your watch be serviced by a professional watchmaker every 3-5 years to maintain its condition.


Storing and Protecting your Watch :

Watches are intricate and delicate pieces, requiring proper storage to ensure their condition is maintained. Investing in adequate storage not only bolsters their aesthetic appeal but can also extend their life and monetary value for years to come. MOZSLY offers a variety of options for storing and protecting watches, including original boxes, display cases, watch boxes, display stands,  safes, and watch winders. We'll go over these options and how to minimize the risk of damage when storing and protecting your watch.

1. Storage Options: watch in its original box

This one is probably not ideal for many people but it certainly will work for store watch. Storing a watch in its original box is an easy and effective way, especially for those who don't wear it very often. Watch boxes are usually made of high-quality materials, and watchmakers go to great lengths to ensure that the boxes are highly collectible and attractive, crafted with visual appeal and displayability in mind. However, boxes can be susceptible to environmental conditions such as moisture and direct sunlight, so storage location should be carefully considered. If there are any risks, it may be wise to invest in a backup storage solution.

b.use a display case

A display case is a great option, especially for those who like to display their watches behind glass in a fixed position. With careful planning, a tasteful display case can add character and charm to any space. Display cases can be displayed to anyone who visits you and they may enjoy looking at them and asking you about them.

c.using a watch box

Watch boxes are the preferred method of daily and medium to long-term storage for many collectors, and are ideal for those who wish to properly maintain and display their timepieces. These specially designed watch boxes are usually softly padded and lined to protect the back of the watch from scratches. They also usually have a glass cover that allows you to close the case, keeping your watch dust-free while allowing you to see all of it at a glance.

d.use a display stand for storage and display

Watch display stands are a great way to display timepieces and admire their visual appeal. They offer a safe and convenient place to store your watch, reducing the risk of damage from hard surfaces like a nightstand or dresser. Choose a location where the timepiece can be admired, but remember that these display stands are not dustproof or humidity-controlled. So, it's best to reserve them for lower-end watches or ones that get a great deal of use.

e.put your watch in the safe

A safe is a safe, secure storage option that protects watches from theft and catastrophic damage. Putting your watch in a safe provides peace of mind when you're not home. Safes also protect watches from moisture, dust, and other environmental elements. If you have a collection of high-value watches or collectibles, buying a safe may be the best option for protecting them.

f.keep your watch on time with a watch winder

Automatic watch winder use your body movements to keep them wound. If you don't wear your watch every day, it may run slower. A watch winder can help keep your automatic watch on time while in storage. It's perfect for those who own multiple expensive watches or only wear them on special occasions. Choose a winder with multiple watch slots and precise preset rotation times per day. Look for ones that use PU leather in their construction to avoid the static buildup that can damage your watch mechanism.

Investing in proper watch storage not only protects your timepieces but also adds a touch of sophistication to your style. Choose the right storage option for your collection and keep your watches ticking for years to come!


2.Precautions for Storing the Watch Environment

Temperature: Watches are best stored in a constant temperature environment, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, such as high or low temperatures. Temperature changes may affect the accuracy of the watch and the performance of the movement.

Humidity: Watches should be stored in a dry environment and should not be exposed to moisture. Changes in humidity may cause rust or damage to watch parts.

Light: Watches should be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong lights. Prolonged exposure may cause the finish and color of the watch to fade.

Magnetic Fields: Magnetic fields may affect the accuracy of your watch and the performance of your movement. Therefore, watches should avoid contact with magnetic fields as much as possible.

Shock: Watches should be protected from excessive shocks and shocks, such as when wearing a watch while engaging in strenuous exercise or sports.


3.Serve your Watch Regularly:

Regular repair is one of the important links in watch care. It can ensure that all parts of the watch are in good working condition, thereby prolonging the service life of the watch.

Suggested repair cycle: According to different watch brands and models, it is recommended to do regular repairs every 3-5 years. Generally speaking, the movement cleaning cycle is three to five years.

Repair content: Regular repair includes movement cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, replacement of waterproof ring, battery replacement, etc. Movement cleaning can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the watch, lubrication can keep the watch running, adjustment can adjust the accuracy of the watch, replacing the waterproof ring can maintain the waterproof performance of the watch, and replacing the battery can ensure the normal operation of the watch.

Repair location: Watch repairs need to go to a professional watch repair center. Watch repair centers can provide more accurate and personalized repair services to ensure that all parts of the watch are in good working condition. Repairing a watch requires specialized skill and knowledge, so it is best to take your watch to a certified repair center or an experienced repairer. When looking for a repairer, it is recommended to choose those who have a good reputation and experience and use original parts for repairs to ensure that the quality and value of the watch are preserved.

Watch Winders - is it necessary?

A watch winder is great if you have multiple watches because it keeps your watches running even when you're not wearing them.

If you love to travel, whether, for business or pleasure, you have more than one automatic watch. It would be helpful to have a watch winder. You can use a watch winder to keep a watch you haven't taken away running smoothly until you return.

You can also take your watch winder with you on business trips or vacations and switch your watch whenever you want or need it. People who live a busy life and don't have time to manually wind their watch in time can also use a watch winder.


How to Choose the Right Watch Winder for You?

A watch winder is not just a technical accessory, but also a multifunctional storage box that keeps your watch ticking, secure, and stylishly displayed. At MOZSLY, we understand that choosing the right watch winder can be overwhelming, so we've put together some tips to help you make the best choice for your collection.

The direction of rotation and TPD (rotations per day)

A quality watch winder must be able to maintain the power reserve of all collectible watches, regardless of the caliber they are equipped with. Our winders have winding motors capable of clockwise, counterclockwise, and bi-directional rotation, as well as precise TPD settings to meet the exact requirements of each watch.

Strap size

To ensure user comfort and optimal timing during the rotation cycle, a good watch winder should offer a flexible watch frame and a range of sizes to accommodate all watch strap sizes.


We all want our cord winders to last, Some things to note are that there are many types of motors, but the most common and reliable motors are Mabuchi motors. while exterior materials can include paint, wood veneer, leather cladding, and carbon fiber. Interior materials may include leather, carbon fiber, velvet, or suede, with velvet/suede upholstery being the safest bet. The winder must be durable enough to last for years and keep your timepieces secure.


The best wire-wound systems offer 1 to 2 years of battery autonomy and may also have a power outlet, ensuring optimal operation for months or even years. A reliable watch winder allows you to travel with confidence, without worrying that your timepiece will stop.


A good watch winder must also keep the timepieces it holds secure. So it has to prove its strength, especially if you use it as a travel case for an automatic watch.


Elegant and Refined: because a watch winder is also a jewelry box

Your watch winder is not just a technical accessory, but also a jewelry box for your timepiece. It should reflect the sophistication and richness of the watch it is entrusted with, with noble materials for mechanisms and cases, elegant and exclusive designs, and handmade creations that respect the most demanding watchmaking traditions. A watch winder for luxury watches is a distinctive element that can be displayed as handmade artwork while fulfilling its time-guaranteed role.

The MOZSLY watch winder is available for individual needs. We recommend purchasing a leather watch winder to provide the best protection for your watch and to prevent the build-up of static electricity that can damage the watch's internal mechanism.Choose the right watch winder for your collection and take your watch game to the next level!

In Conclusion

Watch care is a very important link in the use of the watch. It can extend the service life of the watch, maintain the accuracy and reliability of the watch, and maintain the appearance of the watch. clean, winding, storing, regular repair, etc. are all important aspects of watch care. At the same time, the watch winding device is also an essential tool in the watch care process. It can help the watch to keep running. Choose a watch winding device suitable for your watch to ensure good operation of the watch and prolong the service life of the watch. 

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