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10 Reasons Why You Need A Watch Winder Infographic

by SheldonLong 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

10 Reasons Why You Need A Watch

Winder Infographic

 Need A Watch Winder

Why You Need a Watch Winder?

Before you bought your first automatic watch, you may have been unaware that watch winders even existed. Now that you have become a member of the exclusive club of premium automatic watch owners and collectors, it is time to learn why it makes so much sense to invest in one or more of these beautiful and functional pieces. Here are the most important reasons:


Keeping Your Watch Running

keepwound1Thanks to an intricate spring mechanism, your automatic timepiece is designed to stay fully wound while you are wearing it. Your wrist’s natural turns and movements keep your watch wound. However, once you remove your watch, it will stop running in one to two days. Your watch winder will simulate the movements of your wrist to your watch manufacturer’s exact specifications by means of a battery- or AC-powered motor. Once you have a winder, your timepiece will always be ready to wear whenever you want it.

Watches Get Stressed Too

stress1You might be wondering why you need a winder when you aren’t wearing your watch. Couldn’t you simply wind it manually every day? Apart from the high likelihood that you will forget, there is the element of stress that needs to be taken into account. Over time, manual winding puts wear and tear on your watch that it does not receive when wound via a watch winder. Considering that manufacturer repairs are both lengthy and costly, this is an important fact to keep in mind.

Watch Winders Have The Perfect Moves

movemnt1We have already talked about the limitations of manual winding and the detrimental effects it can have on your timepiece over time. It turns out that the natural movements of your wrist are the very best way to keep your watch fully wound. Barring that, your next best option is the watch winder, whose motor is carefully calibrated to turn your watch clockwise, counterclockwise and bidirectionally. The unit can be specifically programmed to meet with your watch manufacturer’s winding requirements.

It’s Worth The Money

pay-for-selfYou might be worried that a watch winder is an expensive extravagance. Rest assured that it definitely is not. By ensuring that your watch remains in optimal wearing condition at all times, your winder will lengthen the time between maintenance visits to the manufacturer. Since most local jewelers do not service luxury timepieces themselves, instead sending them directly to the manufacturer, servicing can be both time-consuming and expensive. While it will be necessary at some point, using your watch winder regularly will eliminate the need for manual winding, thereby reducing wear and tear on your watch. Furthermore, your timepiece will be stored in a safe, dry place, minimizing the chance of scratches or exposure to oils or other chemicals.

Show Off Your Watch

displaySure, your watch winder has a purpose and a function, but it is also beautiful. Many watch winders are as beautiful as the watches they contain. They are lovingly hand-crafted from the finest materials and are showpieces in themselves. You can definitely feel proud to display your watch proudly in your elegant, decorative watch winder box.

Eliminates Resetting Nightmares



If you have an elaborate automatic timepiece with a perpetual calendar or moon phase indicator, you will find a watch winder to be especially useful. Often, these intricate features are difficult and time-consuming to set. There is no question of deciding to wear your watch and simply slipping it onto your wrist; you will have a complicated resetting process to go through – unless, of course, you have an automatic watch winder. Because your watch will always remain properly wound, you won’t have to re-adjust the settings. It will be ready to wear whenever you need it.

Winding Keeps Everything Flowing

lubricantYour automatic timepiece has a complicated mechanism that requires oils and lubricants to continuously flow. When your watch stops, this flow ceases as well. Over time, the oils and lubricants can congeal and cause your watch to stop. You know what that means: an expensive trip to the manufacturer for maintenance and repair. Avoid that problem by keeping your timepiece running all the time.

Protect Your Investment

investmentCountless hours of artisan attention went into the crafting of your watch. What’s more, you spent a pretty penny on the timepiece you wear with such pride. Give it the loving care it deserves by keeping it running optimally in the safest and most beautiful of surroundings. Doing so will reduce the time and money you need to spend on repairs and enable you to enjoy your watch for longer. Your watch winder can safeguard the timepiece you prize so greatly.

The More The Merrier

multiple-windersIf you are lucky enough to have more than one automatic timepiece, winders can be even more useful. Many models can wind multiple timepieces simultaneously, each according to its own specifications. Since you most likely will not want to wear more than one at a time, your winder will give you a safe and permanent place to store and wind the piece you are not sporting on any given day.

Your Valuable Investment

love-carPerhaps you want to pass your luxury timepiece down as an heirloom or keep it for investment purposes. Whatever your situation, a watch winder will keep your high-end watches safe, dry, fully wound and in beautiful luxury. You have spent a great deal of time and money choosing and caring for your automatic watch. Your automatic watch winder can pick up right where you leave off, ensuring that your timepiece is protected and ready for wear at all times. Best of all, your watch winder can be a breathtaking status piece on its own.

Watch winders come in a wide variety of styles and price points. They can be made of metal, leather or wood. No matter which one you ultimately choose, it will add an extra touch of class and beauty, while simultaneously protecting and prolonging the life of your automatic watch.

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