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Can Automatic Watches Be Damaged By Manual Winding?

by SheldonLong 12 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Can Automatic Watches Be Damaged By Manual Winding?


Since mechanical watches are divided into manual winding and automatic winding, does it mean that automatic winding does not require manual operation at all? Or is manual winding inappropriate for automatic watches? Regarding these doubts, in fact, the watchmakers have already taken them into consideration as early as the design stage, and the answer is not difficult to guess. When some watches are manually wound, almost all the gears in the movement turn with it, including the automatic disc, so these turns are almost felt when winding.

However, many automatic watches on the market have been set up with reversing wheels. When the wearer manually winds the chain, other parts of the movement will remain stationary to prevent excessive wear of the movement. So in fact, you can manually wind your automatic watch every day without worrying too much. Even if you forget to wind it occasionally, the automatic winding device will follow the movement of your hand.

It is worth mentioning that some watches are more advanced. When encountering the condition of full winding, the automatic dial or the winding mechanism will stop working. Such a design can better protect delicate movement from being damaged by excessive winding. Causes damage to parts (such as spring breakage) and reduces wear and tear.

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