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Mozsly Watch Winder Guide

by SheldonLong 10 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Mozsly Watch Winder Guide


Watch winding is something that owners of automatic watches can use a lot and find very convenient. But you've probably heard the discussions and debates about whether winding your watch is harmful and whether it can damage your watch. However, the general fact and advice is that there is a degree of truth to this. But this mostly only applies to low-quality, non-optimized watch winders. When the winder winds your watch, it spins to generate energy to the mainspring of an automatic watch. An automatic watch can only wind so many, and when the mainspring is fully charged, there is no point in continuing to wind it.

An optimized high-quality watch winder with a good winding motor will only wind your watch and provide the corresponding winding modes and settings. The problem is that low-quality watch winders don't always offer these settings, so they can overwind your watch and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your movement. In the worst case, this could mean you need to service your watch ahead of time due to increased movement wear and overwinding. However, if you opt for a high-quality watch winded, it's designed in a way that doesn't overwind your watch, but resembles the movement of your wrist.

Since automatic watches are designed to be worn, using a good watch winder is certainly not the end of the world for your watch, and it certainly won't cause disproportionate wear and tear.But what if you want a high-quality watch winder that will neither damage your watch nor damage it? A great option is the Mozsly watch winder.

MOZSLY Watch Winder is a professional watch winder manufacturer and one of the most popular watch winders on the market, popular for its high quality and excellent winding motor, while still being extremely Attractive prices available. We have combined an ultra-quiet motor with precision design and variable rotation technology to create a watch winder that fits many types of automatic watches. They are a must-have tool for watch collectors.

There are a few key things you want to look for in a watch winder and these are mostly related to the winding motor. This is because this is the most important factor in taking good care of your watch. This is also the biggest difference between cheap and premium watch winders.

Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Multiple rotation modes
  • Antimagnetic motor
  • Silent motor (Having a loud winding motor can be so annoying that you don't want to use them.)

good news is that Mozsly watch winders offer all of these features when it comes to winding motors, which is part of the reason they are so popular. 

Below, we'll take a look at some of the best and most popular two watch winders from Mozsly .

The best Mozsly watch winders


double watch winder


This stylish Mozsly watch winder can hold 2 watches and is a good choice if you only need a watch winder that can hold up to 2 watches. The Mozsly watch winder choice of black piano paint and clear acrylic glass brings a comfortable touch and a beautiful look to this luxury watch winder case, which is a great gift choice.

Multiple settings for TPD and rotation: 3 orientation options (clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating) and 4 TPD (revolutions per day) settings of 650, 900, 1,200 or 1,500, suitable for most mechanical watches on the market. It is designed to avoid continuous rotation to prevent overwinding.

Multiple MOZSLY watch winders can be connected to the bridge cable and work simultaneously , allowing you to see the watches stored inside. There are super soft and adjustable pillows inside to accommodate most watch sizes.

Single Watch Winder

If you just need a watch winder that can hold one watch, Mozsly This single watch winder is small, compact and convenient. It is also available in three different versions, but this one is the PU leather version with an elegant and luxurious look. The winder is equipped with an acrylic window for a good look inside the watch.

The Mozsly winder uses dual motors, combined with the gearbox inside the watch winder, making it extremely quiet, you can put it anywhere and use it anywhere, especially in bedrooms and offices.

Winder type settings:
1: off
2: run clockwise
3: run counterclockwise
4: Swap running clockwise and counterclockwise

In addition to the direction of rotation, all of these modes affect the length of the winding cycle and the number of turns per day. The most important of course is that the motor was developed to prevent overwinding.

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