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How to Maintain the Watch Winder?

by SheldonLong 19 Aug 2022 0 Comments

How to Maintain the Watch Winder?


You have one or more automatic watches and you use a watch winder to make sure the automatic watch doesn't stop. This is not just time consuming and annoying, but it is also bad for the watch. You must open the crown to reset the time and date. The crown is part of the most fragile parts of a watch. Therefore, a watch winder is the ideal accessory for winding automatic watches.

For watch maintenance, you can go to a jeweler or directly to the watch brand itself. Regular maintenance is recommended, especially for habitual and mechanical watches. A good watch winder is usually not cheap either, and it is best if your expensive item is in good condition. Does a watch winder also need maintenance? If so, for which parts? Where can you go? In this blog, we will consider how to best maintain your watch winder.

Does a watch winder need maintenance too?

As with almost all automated products, watch winders need maintenance. The motor and gearbox contain numerous moving parts that must work in harmony. It important to properly adjusts the motor in relation to the gearbox. In addition, moving parts that are in contact with each other, such as the gears of the gearbox, can also wear out. This can cause the motor or gearbox to rotate irregularly and even generate a lot of noise. This is especially annoying when you wind your watch in a room where you don't actually want to listen to it or hardly want to hear it. For example, if you like to work quietly, consider using a watch winder in your bedroom or office.
Another important part is the watch stand. The watch stand is used to mount the automatic watch and then place it into the watch winder. As a result, the watch stand is a part you use frequently and are prone to wear and tear. At some point, you may need to replace the watch stand.

What types of maintenance are available?

There are several options and tips when it now comes to maintenance. You may consider adjusting the motor and gearbox when they no longer spin properly or is a lot of noise. Sometimes they even need to replaces. Then, you must install a new motor and gearbox.

  1. Start on the inside with a lens cleaning wipe, or use a disposable screen cleaning wipe. Do not mix paper towels or essential oils as this will cause streaks and leave fibers. Check for any moisture that may have trapped and could damage the interior. If you're sure it's not there, store it in a cool, dry place.
  2. Checking the watch stands regularly. Do they still click properly in the watch winder. Are they still flexible so you can put any watch on them and are they clean?
  3. The motor housing. This is really the maintenance aspect. You need to see that the motor housing is in good condition. You have to be careful when you need to remove the chassis to see the motor housing.
  4. Check the belts. Checking the belt for any tears and wear at least once in 6 months.
  5.  Manufacturer's parts. You can change basic functional changes, such as replacing the belt or checking for damaged wiring in the electrical panel. In any case, you may need to use the Double Automatic Watch Winder warranty and send it back when there is problems with the internal parts of your motor.
  6. Making sure that no moisture can reach the watch winder's electronics. Keeping the watch winder free of grease, dust and condensation for longevity.

The most notable usage tip is to never put the watch in or take out the watch winder while the watch is spinning. This can bring pressure to bear on the motor and gearbox, which can cause them to malfunction or create more noise. Always stop the specific rotor before inserting or removing the watch. This is important in order to protect your watch winder.

Where can I go for repairs?

You can do various aspects of maintaining your watch winder yourself. As mentioned, regularly checking the watch winder and keeping it clean is already very important. If technical maintenance is nevertheless required, It is best to approach the official dealer of the watch winder brand where you bought it.

Do not tinker with a watch winder yourself. It is and will remain an electronic device and if you tinker with it, this can involve certain risks. Opt for professional maintenance and/or replacement so that you are assured of proper operation and warranty on the new parts. A watch winder is not cheap, so you want to enjoy it for as long as possible!

What are the advantages of maintaining a watch winder?

As with automatic watches, it recommends to maintain a watch winder. This allows you to use the watch winder for a longer period of time. A worthy watch winder will ensure the best energy supply for your automatic watch. If the watch winder is not properly maintained, this can have a direct impact on the winding of an automatic watch. If the watch winder does not turn properly, the watch will not receive any energy. If a watch winding makes a lot of noise, it indicates a problem somewhere. In addition, a watch winding that makes a lot of noise can be disturbing, especially in your bedroom or office.

A properly maintained watch winder will last for several years. This can help save money on a new watch winder. That way you can be sure to function properly and enjoy it for years to come here!

At last, while you care the rotating winder box, the main things to make your watch box stand out is showing it you your guest. You may get enjoy when you store your watch in the luxury and sleek watch box, but the style and taste of the luxury watch box can impress your guest and family at the same time. Store multiple watches inside it to make it look stands out. This also will maximize your watch box usage. The glass top window version is a good option to display beautiful watches inside your watch box.

Finally, the luxury rotating winder watches box can be a treasure if you do not need it anymore and give a gift to your friend or family member.

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