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What is the TPD of the watch winder?

by SheldonLong 02 Sep 2022 0 Comments

What is the TPD of the Watch Winder?


If you considering buying a watch winder. You may have some questions about watch winders like TPD and directions and wonder: What does TPD mean? What is the relevance of the direction?
The TPD in a watch winder is revolutions per day (TPD). This is equal to the number of times a day the clockwork dial or rotor of the watch turns. So when your watch is on the watch winder, this will be equal to the number of revolutions the watch makes per day. For the watch winder to work effectively, you need to ensure that the TPD of the watch winder matches the ideal TPD of the watch.

Why is TDP on a watch winder important?

Before purchasing a wound watch, it is important to know the TPD of a particular watch, as every watch has an ideal TPD. Therefore, you need to ensure that the watch winder you buy allows it to generate the correct amount of TPD to match your watch's ideal number of revolutions.
Every make and model of watch has a different TPD, so you need to make sure you understand the individual requirements of your watch. If you have no idea of your watch's TPD, you can contact your manufacturer. If you are not sure, you can check our blog to find out how many revolutions your watch needs to make per day. 

What TPD do I need?

Every watch brand, and even every watch model, has a different TPD. Typically, automatic watches require 500 to 1000 TPD to be fully wound. When you purchase a watch, you should be told the ideal TPD. If not, you can call the manufacturer to find the ideal TPD.

What if I get the TPD wrong?

Most good brand watch winders have settings that allow you to define a variable in TPD. Standard on premium winders. It also enables you to easily define the direction of rotation (clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional). You can get the correct settings for your watch through the manual, online, or even better, by contacting the manufacturer's customer service directly to rectify it.

How do calculate the speed of my watch winder?

In order to correctly calculate the TPD of a watch winder, we need to take the settings and turning sequence and do some math. 

Its turning sequence is:
2 minutes of turning
6 minutes of rest
That’s an 8-minute cycle.
Now, let’s assume the turntable turns at approx 9 rotations per minute. That’s 18 rotations per 8 minute cycle. There will be 7.5 of these cycles per hour and 180 of them per day. So, within a 24-hour period, there would be 3,240 turns (180 x 18 = 3,240).
This is obviously a huge TPD and way more than most watches need. This could cause significant over-winding and maybe some issues with your watch.
So, if you buy a winder without the TPD defined, and without any settings to alter TPD, make sure you do the math to figure out exactly what the TPD is for the winder.

Watch winder delayed start and pause sequence

Most watch winders have a pause sequence and some also have delayed start functions. The reason for this is that although most watch winders are supremely quiet, most people would prefer for the rotating functions to take place during the day.

Using a delay start feature and understanding the pause sequences means you can set the watch winder to operate in the way that suits your routine, so it is ready to wear when you want it!

Finally, don’t worry about over-winding your watch. All automatic watches now have a built-in sliding system that prevents the unit from overwinding. Now that you understand the concept of TPD, you can make a more informed choice when it now comes to choosing the best winder for your watch. Your automatic watch winder will provide a safe, secure, and beautiful storage case for your timepiece.

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