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How to Store Rolex When Not Wearing - The Ultimate Guide

by SheldonLong 20 Apr 2023 0 Comments

How to Store Rolex When Not Wearing - The Ultimate Guide


Table of Contents:
Factors to consider When storing your Rolex watch
Invest in safe storage for your Rolex watch
What's the best way to store a Rolex watch?
Invest in safekeeping your Rolex watch at MOZSLY
In conclusion


Are you the proud heir to a prized heirloom timepiece? Or, are you considering investing in a dream Rolex watch for yourself? Whether you are a novice or an experienced collector, having a proper storage system for your watches is essential to keeping your watch collection safe and secure. In this article, we will give you the best guide on how to store Rolex watch.

First and foremost, it is crucial to properly store Rolex (or any luxury timepiece for that matter). After all, Rolex watches are very precious and in most cases expensive, so you will want to store them properly not only to keep them in good condition but also to ensure that they continue to perform as well as the day you bought them, even in the next few years. Proper storage of your watches will ensure they retain their value, allowing you to pass them on to the next generation.

Rolex Watch


Factors to consider when storing your Rolex watch

One of several factors to consider is:

1.How often do you wear a Rolex watch?

If you usually take your watch off overnight. if that's the case then you don't need to worry at all. We'd just suggest applying some common sense to storing your Rolex - don't leave drinks around, and avoid leaving them next to sources of magnetism, which can be found in stereos, laptops, and phones.In reality, the easiest way to store a Rolex watch is to put it back in its original box. It'll be safe from any outside factors, and be surrounded by a scratch-proof plush lining. Perfect!

If you prefer to rotate between several watches. Then you might want to consider storing your Rolex on a watch winder. This option will keep the movement running and the date and time up to date, and it will save you the extra step of having to reset it every time you wear it.

If you plan to store your Rolex watch for a long time. Especially when they are passed down from generation to generation and have sentimental value. If this means you may not touch your Rolex for an extended period, there are a few precautions you need to take to keep your watch in good condition.

Likewise, leaving your watch on the winder permanently will solve the most obvious problem of keeping your watch running. The rotor will continue to spin, winding up the motor. According to MOZSLY, "most Rolex watches, when fully wound, will continue to run for about 40 hours until the mainspring is fully unwound and stopped," so watch winders are ideal for storing for longer periods. However, a watch winder also helps prevent many other problems that can arise from your Rolex being idle. Rolex watches are very complex and therefore require lubrication to keep all the parts running. If your watch is stored on its side, not being touched or rotated from time to time, this lubricant can collect and condense, causing serious problems. Put a Rolex watch in a winder and the lubricant is constantly moving which makes it do its job.

While our topic is storing your Rolex to keep the watch running, for those with quartz movements, quick removal of a dead battery is essential. If left unattended, you run the risk of acid leaks and corrosion of the movement. While this may be extreme, it's been known to happen and cause a lot of problems.

 2.Humidity and Temperature are also important factors to consider.

Even when stored in a watch case, exposure to moisture and other elements can cause damage over time. While most Rolex watches are water-resistant, older vintage models may be more susceptible to damage if the gasket hasn't been replaced recently. To prevent this, consider storing your Rolex in a humidity-controlled case or safe to keep it dry and protected.

3. Other factors, such as Light and Dust.

If you plan to store your watch for an extended period, it is recommended to keep it in a dark place to prevent fading of the dial due to prolonged exposure to light. While some collectors may appreciate the aging of vintage Rolex watches, it's important to take precautions to prevent excessive wear and tear. Additionally, it's crucial to keep your watch away from dust to avoid buildup that can damage the movement and other components over time.

Invest in safe storage for Rolex watches

Where to keep your Rolex is a matter of personal preference, which may be influenced by the size of your collection, your lifestyle, and your financial or spatial means. Unless you only own one watch like the Rolex Submariner and wear it every day, chances are you'll need a place to store the watch when it's not on your wrist.

Watch storage options can include its Original box, Display cabinets, Watch box, Watch display stands, Watch rolls, Watch pockets, Safes, and Watch Winder, and sometimes a combination of more than one of the above methods. Let's explore some of the most common Rolex storage options.

1.Store Rolex watch in its Original box

This one might not be ideal for many, but it can certainly be used to store Rolex. Watchmakers go to great lengths to ensure the box is made with visual appeal and displayability in mind. From a practical standpoint, displaying both the watch and its box together can create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Original boxes are often constructed from robust and high-quality materials, making them highly collectible and desirable. Consequently, they can fetch a hefty price tag if they remain in excellent condition. Given that boxes may be susceptible to environmental conditions, including moisture and direct sunlight, careful consideration should be given to where certain items are stored. If any risks are present, investing in an alternate storage solution may be prudent.

 Rolex original box

How to Store Your Rolex Watch-Original Box

2.Display cabinets in pursuit of design

In a world dominated by sleek technology, display cabinets may seem like an old-fashioned concept, and they do require a larger footprint than some other options. However, for those who enjoy showcasing their watches behind glass in a stationary position, a display cabinet can still be a great choice. With careful curation, a tasteful display cabinet can add character and charm to any space. Imagine being reminded of all your successes and tastes every time you walk into your dressing room or bedroom. Having a display cabinet can give you peace of mind knowing that you can see your watch every time you walk by. They're also shown to anyone who visits you and might enjoy looking at them and asking you about them. Watch lovers can talk about watches for hours!

If you have a large watch collection - or you plan to build one - you may want to invest in beautiful display cabinets.

3.Go for style and get a Watch Box

This is the preferred method of every day and medium to long-term storage for many collectors, and watch boxes are an ideal choice for those looking to properly maintain and display their timepieces. Whether you want to store a single watch or an entire collection, these cases provide the perfect storage solution. Their design ensures that each piece remains secure and beautifully displayed, creating a stunning display for any admirer.

When choosing a watch box, individuals should consider both window opening and non-window opening. It is imperative to ensure that the option chosen has adequate lining and padding for protection, a felt lining provides additional anti-scratch properties.

When choosing windowed storage boxes, it's important to keep your collection out of direct sunlight to prevent potential sun damage. Also, avoiding areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, is recommended to prevent moisture buildup.

wooden 6 watch collection box

How to Store Your Rolex Watch-Watch Box

4.Utilize Display stand for storage and display

Watch display stands are a great way to display timepieces and admire their visual appeal. The base of the stand can be composed of various materials to match the watch and upholstery, from natural wood to metal or even marble. Watches can be easily damaged when placed on a hard surface such as a nightstand or dresser. To reduce this risk, purchasing a watch stand is an ideal option as it provides a safe and convenient place to store your watch. It is important to ensure that the watch stand is placed in an area free from environmental elements that could cause damage. It should be kept away from bathrooms and other places exposed to direct sunlight. It is highly recommended to choose a location where the timepiece can be admired.

But they don't have dust protection and don't give you humidity control, which might be fine if your watch is low-end or used a lot, but not the best choice for an investment piece. It's a much better choice as a case to cushion the watch and protect it from the elements.

Best Mens Rolex Watch Wooden Display Stand

How to Store Your Rolex Watch-Display Stand

5.Travel frequently? – Try Watch rolls, Watch pockets

If you're on the go and sometimes need to travel with more than one watch, a watch pocket or watch roll is a great solution for storing Rolex watches. Lightweight and durable, they're perfect for transporting your Rolex from A to B, and they come in a variety of options and configurations, from single pockets to multi-slot watch pockets. While we still recommend long-term storage options such as watch boxes or safes at home, if you choose to travel with your Rolex collection, it is also convenient to carry a watch roll and watch pocket with you.

Watch rolls-individual watches can be safely stored in watch pockets, while collections are best for watch rolls. They have a hard case, usually covered with a soft case, and contain a long tube like a "roll" in the middle that your watch slides onto. The exterior of the watch is very durable, and the interior is made of soft materials such as felt or calfskin, which can resist scratches very well.

As you'd expect, they have many of the same advantages and disadvantages as individual watch bags. They don't offer a lot of protection from moisture, moisture, and heat. Still, they offer convenience and are useful in short-term storage situations. If you need to carry more than one watch with you, such as on a business trip, a watch roll is perfect for carrying in a briefcase or luggage.

 best leather watch roll for rolex

How to Store Your Rolex Watch-Watch rolls

Watch Pockets - Watch pockets have the same concept as watch rolls. You can get watch pockets for 1 to 6 watches. In a watch bag, the watch is placed in a slim pocket/pouch. Between each pocket/pouch, stitch to separate the watches into a row of pockets/pouches. The pouches are then rolled together into sushi for the watch. In this way, the watches are separated from each other and protected. While they don't protect your watch as thoroughly as in most cases (since they're usually made of soft materials), they're great for carrying your watch on the go. They take up much less space when traveling, so you can consider them for travel.

They keep out most dirt and debris, however, watch pockets are vulnerable to a lot of external pressure and bumps/drops. Still, it's a very space-efficient storage option that's easy to carry around.

 travel leather brown  watch bag for rolex

How to Store Your Rolex Watch-Watch Pocket

6.For safety, try a home safe

For those who prioritize security, a home safe can be an ideal solution for storing valuable Rolex collections. However, it's important to choose a safe that is securely affixed to its location in the home and can withstand determined theft attempts. Consider purchasing a larger and heavier safe for optimal safety or seek assistance from a specialized service provider. It's also crucial to ensure that the safe has features suited to your individual needs, including the organization of collection paperwork.

For those with a limitless budget, luxury Rolex storage solutions from brands such as Brown, Stockinger, Savoy, Döttling, Buben, and Zorweg are available. While the price tag may be high, it's a small price to pay compared to the cost of replacing or repairing a stolen or damaged watch due to insufficient storage solutions.

To minimize the risk of accidental damage to your Rolex collection, it's essential to store them in a dedicated, temperature-controlled safe that is safeguarded from potential fire and humidity build-up. For optimal protection, it's recommended to locate the safe in a temperature-controlled environment

7.Ideal for Automatic watch - Watch winders

Watch winders have become a "must-have" accessory for the novice luxury watch owner. watch winders often have other functions besides winding ability, such as changing direction and speed and ability to move. There are even some watch winders with anti-magnetic functions. Also, their fronts are usually transparent so you can see the watch spinning. Of course, they are suitable for both personal watches and collectibles.

The key to whether a watch winder is suitable for your Rolex collection is its size and composition. It's also worth mentioning that for a watch winder to be fully effective, you need to own a Rolex with an automatic movement, not a quartz model or a Rolex with a traditional hand-wound movement. If your watches are rarely worn, it's a good idea to give them a little activity every few weeks to make sure the lubricant is still effective. However, keeping these seldom-worn models in proper mechanical condition requires more than a watch winder.

With this in mind, certain models would benefit from using a watch winder. These are very complicated models with functions such as an annual calendar or moon phase indication. For example, the Rolex Sky-Dweller has an annual calendar complication that only needs to be reset once a year. However, you can only really appreciate the functionality of the annual calendar if you don't have to reset the watch every time you wear it.

Individual Mozsly watch winders can be purchased to suit individual needs, or multi-slot watch winders are available for larger collections. For the best protection for your watch, it is advisable to invest in a synthetic leather winder, as this will prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can damage the watch's internal mechanisms.

 best leather watch winder for rolex

How to Store Your Rolex Watch-Watch Winder

What's the Best Way to Store Rolex Watch?

How long do you plan to store Rolex watches and whether you want to display them when not in use? There is no such thing as perfect watch storage. It all depends on which features are most important to you.

  • If you want convenience, choose one of the smaller options, such as a watch pocket or a regular watch box.
  • If you want an interesting display, there are watch winders and watch display stands.
  • If you want security? Bring a safe.

The point is, there are good reasons to use all of these storage devices at once. Make sure you think about what you're going to take out of your storage space before you buy.

Invest in Safekeeping your Rolex watch at MOZSLY

Whether you are a newcomer to the luxury watch world or searching for a unique collection to store Rolex, MOZSLY has got you covered. Our products come with a 3-year warranty, ensuring that you can purchase with confidence. Visit our online store now to browse our inventory and find the perfect storage solution for your new luxury watch.



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In Conclusion

Storing your Rolex watch requires careful and thoughtful care and maintenance. By choosing proper storage methods, avoiding magnetic fields and temperature changes, regular care and maintenance, keeping the watch dry, and learning the correct way to wear and use it, you can maximize the protection of your watch and prolong its life. I hope this article can be helpful to you, thank you for reading!

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