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Watch Winder FAQ

Some Questions that Asked About Watch Winder

by SheldonLong 19 Aug 2022 0 Comments

 Some Questions About Mozsly Watch Winders

Today on we will discuss some common questions about watch winders, not only are watch winders a very useful and enriching tool to add to and maintain your watch collection, but they also provide a different way to appreciate and display the time you spend at home.

However, as the watch collecting community has grown and evolved over the past few decades, so have opinions about the usefulness of winders, and today you will find them as much a subject of debate on the internet as any particular watch product, with forum pages and pages and blog posts dedicated to figuring out if a regular winder is beneficial to the watch owning experience, harmful, or simply a handy tool.

1、First, what a self-winding watches?

A watch winder is a device with an electric motor that automatically wind your watch when you are not wearing it. It will keep your watch in working condition so that it is still ready for use.Most importantly, the watch winder distributes the oil inside the watch evenly. This means that your watch movement will always stay greasy even if you dodo not have it for a long time.

2、Why think i need a watch winder?

Automatic watches have a limited power reserve, so if you stop wearing them and wind them, they will run out within two or three days. This depends on the watch brand and the movement (caliber) used.When your watch stops, you must reset the time and wind it. If your watch has additional functions (e.g. calendar, lunar calendar, perpetual calendar), their resetting may take up a lot of time and is in need of skill. In addition, the watch movement should work continuously to make sure that the movement is lubricated.

3、How does the watch winder work?

The watch is enclosed in a special cup which rotates a certain number of times over a certain period of time and slowly in both directions. As a result, your automatic watch will never stop and the lubricant will be evenly distributed throughout the watch movement.

4、Main Winder Functions

① Provides convenience and saves you time while leaving you high and dry as a watch owner, giving you confidence that your watch is always ready for use, even if you rarely wear it.

② Reduces wear and tear on watching winding mechanisms, thus extending their life.

5、What is the "winding cycle"?

Otherwise known as the number of revolutions per day, the winding cycle is the number of revolutions the internal rotor needs to make to keep the watch properly wound. Most automatic watches require 500 to 800 windings per day, but many modern automatic watches have longer power reserves, requiring thousands of revolutions per day. Our blog has wound settings for many different watches that you can browse through.

6、See if it is safe to leave my watch on a watch winder for days or weeks at a time?

Many people don't wear their watches every day, and even more people collect watches and want to give everyone enough wrist time, so this question is the idea a lot. The answer is the fact that it depends on the capabilities of your winder. Automatic movements have a slipping clutch that prevents over-winding. However, it is safer to not put too much pressure on the mechanism by not finding it intermittently. Running it for a day, then turn it off. A programmable timer is an ideal solution. Or, if you are both a gadget freak and a watch freak, you can control the winder from your smart phone and appropriate hardware.

7、What types of watches require a watch winder?

Watch Winders are only for automatic watches, i.e. those that do not have a battery and do not require manual winding, but continue to run due to the movement of the watch on the wrist. Usually these are high-end Swiss and German watches.

8、Is the motor of the winder quiet?

While our motor is considered to be one of the quietest on the market (Google our winder reviews to independently verify), it is still a mechanical device with a motor and moving parts, so it is not - and cannot be - completely quiet. It may be straightforward enough for your bedroom, but if you're a light sleeper, it's probably best placed in an office or living area.

9、How much winding time do my watch need?

Rather than talking about winding time in minutes or hours. Use the number of revolutions per day (TPD) instead. This is the number of revolutions per day of the internal rotor required to find a particular watch. Most automatic watches require 500 to 800 TPD, but there are other longer power reserves that require 1300 TPD. For example, Rolex requires about 600 TPD. Rolex watches are designed to be found in both directions, as are many other brands. However, some other watches only wind in one direction, which can be clockwise or counterclockwise. For instance, many Patek Philippe watches can only be wound counterclockwise. Chronographs using Valjoux 7750 movements are wound clockwise only and require at least 800 TPD.

10、Can automatic watches be over-wound?

No, that is not feasible. All automatic watches are under a built-in slide mechanism that prevents over-winding. However, this safety device should not be overused as it will eventually wear out. All high quality watch winders should be equipped with some sort of timing control device to regulate the actual winding time period.

Mozsly is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality watch winders in China. While we did not invent the reflex movement of the watch, we did introduce a new, patented and unprecedented level of quality to mechanical watch winding. Our brand philosophy is the creation of products with lasting value and exceptional attention to detail, and products that people enjoy using.

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