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Why Mozsly Watch Winder Stopped Working?

by SheldonLong 20 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Why Mozsly Watch Winder Stopped Working?
Mozsly Watch Winder Stop Working

How to tell if your watch winder needs service?

There are some signs that your watch winder is broken and needs to be repaired. Below, we've outlined some of the more common issues you may find when using the Mozly watch winder.

1. The watch winder turns too slowly
If your watch winding pad starts to turn much slower than before, this could be a sign that the motor is starting to wear out.
However, be aware that heavier watches may cause the mainspring to turn more slowly. So if you've recently replaced the watch you're using on the winder, this could be the cause of the winder turning slowly, and it could mean you need to upgrade the winder to something better suited for larger, heavier watches.
2. Start making more noise
Most good watch winding motors are very quiet or almost silent. However, after prolonged continuous use, you may experience the motor start to get louder.
They may make rubbing noises, or make labored whirring noises. These are all signs that the motor may be close to wearing or damaged.
3. Not keeping the watch charged
If you find that your watch isn't staying charged, especially after spending some time on the watch winder, this could be a sign that the watch winder or motor is starting to run.
This is usually a symptom of the motor starting to spin more slowly, although this can be so subtle that you probably won't notice it. However, you're more likely to notice that the watch loses time.
4. The cushion stops turning completely
Now, if the pad stops turning completely, there is most likely something damaged inside the watch spring. One of the following two conditions may apply to your winder:
  • You can still heat the motor to turn but the cushion doesn't turn
  • The motor is silent and does not turn.

How to check if the watch winder is broken?

If your watch seems out of the wind, you should take a few steps.
First, you need to test different power supplies. So remove the battery and plug the winder into a power source and test if it works when plugged in.
Then unplug the winder, insert a rechargeable battery, and test the winder with the battery only. This should tell you if the fault is actually with the motor, or if the spot is with the power cord or the battery.

What if the winder is broken?

So, assuming the fault is inside the winder, there are several different things that can be damaged inside the winder:
1. Broken belt drive
If you can still hear the motor running but the pads are no longer turning, the belt drive is most likely bad. These can be easily and cheaply replaced
2. The motor is broken
Now, if you can't hear the motor running and the bumper doesn't turn, the fault is most likely the whole motor itself. Again, this can be replaced without having to replace the entire watch winder
In both cases, you can purchase replacement parts and install them yourself.

Where can I buy replacement parts for a watch winder?

  • For the motor, you can find the motor for the Mozsly watch winder on Mozsly's official website and on Amazon. The motor of the Mozsly watch winder is a Mabuchi motor.
  • Another good option is to look at the used market for a winder of the same model that can be used for replacement parts. You can usually pay up to 70% less to wind up a used watch, so you should be able to find a good deal.

What are the steps to repair a watch winder?

Now that you've diagnosed the problem, you've got the tools and replacement parts. Then the next stage is to get your hands dirty and start repairs.

repair mozsly watch winder
  1. First, unscrew the back of the four screws
  2. Open the battery back cover, then open the entire back cover, Unplug the back cover and link the motor power.
  3. Open the acrylic cover, and take out the pillow, and its protective cotton inside.
  4. Unscrew the screws inside and remove the rotary barrel.
  5. Unscrew the three screws of the motor and take off the old motor.
  6. Align the holes, insert the new motor, and screw on the two screws
  7. Install the forward barrel and tighten the screws.
  8. Insert the new motor power
  9. over the back cover plate and tighten the back cover screws, install the battery cover
  10. Join the protective cotton, pillow.
  11. Unscrew the three screws of the motor and take off the old motor

Click Mozsly for a video installation tutorial!

What if I can't do it myself?

If you are not confident in fixing the problem yourself, or if you cannot find a suitable replacement part, there are other options.

You can look for a local service that can repair your watch winder. You can take the winder to a professional watch winder repair service. Or contact us at Mozsly's official mail, if you have any questions when using the product, we will provide you with a 3-year warranty and warranty-related repair parts for free. And product related questions, please feel free to contact us.


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