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Do Automatic Watches Need Winding?

by SheldonLong 27 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Do Automatic Watches Need Winding?


When you get your first automatic watch and are influenced by other watch enthusiasts that you need to buy a watch winder to keep it company? In addition, I will show you some special cases where a watch winder may be required.

So do automatic watches need a watch winder?

Automatic watches do not need a watch winder to keep them running because there is no risk of movement lubricant condensation in modern automatic watches. In addition, the power reserve, wrist movement and manual winding are usually enough to keep it running through the night and into the next day.

One thing about an automatic watch is that you can't let it sit for days because the oil in it will condense over time. This will result in the watch not functioning properly and requiring advance repair. this only applies to the animal oils used in previous generations of automatic watches. Modern automatic watches now use synthetic oils as lubricants, which are less prone to condensation.

Just like our car, if the car is parked for a while, the oil does not necessarily deteriorate,The perception that we need a watch to wind up to maintain our automatic is no longer true. In addition to this, some people worry that without the winder, their watch will stop working the week after the weekend when they start wearing it again. Worrying about dead watches can be a hassle because they need to reset the time before using them.

It recommends to use it in the following cases:

  • Complicated function watches such as annual calendar, perpetual calendar, perpetual calendar time adjustment need to return to the factory
  • Two watches or more replacement wear
  • Single watch with a power reserve of 50 hours or less will.

Will Watch Winder damage my watch?

The winder won't cause any damage to an automatic watch as it usually spins at a slow speed and won't cause any ill effects on your watch. In fact, wearing a watch puts more force on it because our hands swing faster when we walk.

Another way a winder can damage a watch is to magnetize it. Some poorly designed clockwork can do this because it doesn't take into account how close the watch is to the motor. Magnetization of an automatic watch is definitely not a good thing as it leads to a loss of accuracy.

I think watch winders have a place in your home. If your automatic watch has special complications, such as moon phases and perpetual calendar, a watch winder is very much needed.However, these watches are not as simple as other automatic watches, you can't make it stop at any time. This is because the complication needs to be running all the time, otherwise resetting the watch to get the correct moon phase/calendar would be a nightmare. In these cases, it makes sense to wind the watch -- even mandatory -- because it ensures your watch keeps ticking even if you're away for a long time.

MOZSLY watch winder after 10 years of time development, sales experience, anti-magnetic silent is the necessary basis, and through the Chinese inspection of a number of inspection tests; solid material metal case, the case outside wrapped leather, piano baking lacquer made; design of compact one-handed hand-held, adapt to more application scenarios.

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