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Why You Might Need a Watch Winder?

by SheldonLong 27 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Why You Might Need a Watch Winder?


With the resurgence and increased popularity in automatic watches, more attention has been given to the need for automatic watch winders. To determine whether one needs a watch winder, the watch owner should have a basic understanding of the workings of automatic watches and consider how the watch will be used on a daily basis.

What is an Automatic Watch?

First, let's briefly define an automatic watch. Also commonly known as a self-winding winding watch, an automatic watch is a simply a mechanical timepiece that winds itself as long as it is worn regularly. This feat is accomplished by means of the internal mainspring that winds the watch automatically by the kinetic movement of the watch wearer's arm.

Why Automatic watches need to stay wound up?

All mechanical watches, including self-winding and automatic watches should be kept wound-up and running as much as possible to prevent the internal lubricants from drying out or congealing. Dried or congealed lubrication can greatly reduce accuracy and shorten the lifetime of the watch, so it's important that watches be serviced periodically. Most experts recommend mechanical watches be serviced about once every five years or so to keep the watch running as smoothly and as accurately as possible. Servicing includes taking the watch apart to clean, adjust, and re-lubricate as necessary.

Although an automatic watch never needs winding as long as it is being worn, it will run certainly run down after a few hours or days of not being worn. This presents a problem for anyone who doesn't wear the same watch regularly, but still needs the watch wound and set to the right time whenever it is needed.

Target Group of Watch Winder

1、People who own two or more automatic watches

People who have more automatic watches often change their watches to wear.  If a watch is left for too long, it will easily stop running. In this case, having a watch winder can avoid the trouble of winding. It can help you wind your watch and also protect your watch. When you want to wear a watch that you haven't worn for a long time, you will find that it is still running. This invariably saves you a lot of trouble.

2、People who buy automatic watches with complicate function

If you have an automatic watch with complex functions, such as a perpetual calendar or a moon phase indicator, it can be very difficult to adjust these functions manually. Whereas when you have an automatic watch winder, you can wind your watch correctly and you don't have to re-adjust the settings. 

3、People who don't exercise often

If you don't move a lot, the watch can't get movement. As you know, an automatic mechanical watch needs at least eight hours of movement a day to keep it running for over thirty hours. And your watch may stop running if you don't have eight hours of wrist movement. This is especially true for older people, whose bodies are regressing and who exercise even less. Such people are more in need of a watch winder.

The Benefits

  • Using a watch winder helps ensure that the mechanism stays lubricated and functions properly.
  • It also adds an element of convenience. Placing your watch in a watch winder ensures that you can be convinced that the time is correct when you wear it and that you can wear the watch immediately without fussing about adjusting the date or time.
  • A watch winder is an aesthetically pleasing way to show off your watch when you are not carrying it.

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