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The Importance of Watch Winder Motors

by SheldonLong 06 Dec 2022 0 Comments

The Importance of Watch Winder Motors


In a car, the motor is the heart of the car and the most important part of the car. In the world of watches, it's exactly the same. A motor inside the barrel combines with a gearbox to turn the watch. There are many brands of watch winders that use different technologies and motors. It's important to understand the motor inside a watch winder because there are so many differences in quality, durability, and sound level.

If you've invested in a fine automatic watch, you're someone who enjoys the finer things in life. You love handcrafting and love precision. Because you want to maintain your automatic watch when you're not wearing it, you also work hard on your watch winder. Take the time to pore over the details of these combination watch storage and winding accessories and you'll find that you have a variety of options to choose from.

Because watch winders are both beautiful and functional, you can choose from different finishes such as various kinds of wood, metals and leathers, and carbon fiber but that's not all. Before entrusting your timepiece to any watch winder, you also need to consider the motor, which, in combination with the gearbox, is the mechanism that ensures the reliable, safe winding of your watch. The motor you ultimately choose will determine the durability, noise level, and quality of your watch winder.

Mozsly watch winder model

As you've probably learned, for devices on the lower end of the continuum, at first, these motors work fine, but in the long run, problems can manifest. Known drawbacks are complete motor stops, rotor vibration, and increased sound levels. In the end, cheap watch winders lead to money lost.

Japanese Mabuchi motor

One of the most important parts of a watch winder is the winding motor - it must be very reliable. Mabuchi Motor Corporation of Japan has been manufacturing electric motors since 1946. Mabuchi Motors is, by many accounts, the world market leader in small RC motors. Some sources say the company has a 70% market share in automotive electric motors. What does this mean for watching winders with Mabuchi motors? It contains a belt-driven motor made by a company that has been in business for many years. While this doesn't guarantee you won't have problems using the motor, it means you'll have to make far fewer changes than if you bought a winder from another motor manufacturer.

Mozsly Watch Winder Japanese Motor

Most reasonably priced watch winders have one of these. Mabuchi motors are known for their quality, durability, and acceptable sound levels. Most of the famous brands of watch winders and Mozsly use Mabuchi motors. just as automatic watches can be on a long-term price continuum, so can winding watches. For high-end brands, a highly-manufactured motor is usually the mechanism of choice.

For example, Mozsly Watch Winder uses Mabuchi motors, which is a Chinese company, they will produce and sell their own, with 12 years of professional manufacturing capabilities, to provide products and services with the highest quality standards. Currently, Chinese Mozsly winders are very popular. The Mabuchi motors used by Mozsly have proven to be very reliable, providing long-lasting and noiseless operation for watch winders, so these watch winders are perfect for bedroom use.

Super Quiet Motor to Safeguard Your Sound Sleep

Not just motors...

Of course, it would be easy to say that the motor is the most important part of a watch winder, since many more components make or break a watch winder. Especially the gearbox is also very important. The sound level of a watch winder is mostly a result of the gearbox. Therefore, a reliable and powerful electric motor must always be perfectly combined with an efficient and quiet gearbox.

If you're like many watch connoisseurs, you'll love finding the perfect piece for you as much as you love owning it now. The same is true when you consider the options for keeping your watch wound even when it's not being worn. Taking the time to make a well-researched choice, you should expect years of quiet and reliable service from your automatic watch winder.

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