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What is a watch winder?

by SheldonLong 26 Sep 2022 0 Comments

What is a watch winder?


Watch Winder is a mechanical solution that keeps an automatic (self-winding) watch running when not worn for several days. The rotational movement gently stimulates the movement of wearing the watch, winder the mainspring inside the watch. This allows the watch to stay powered even if it hasn't been worn for months. No need to reset the time every time you wish to wear it!

What is a watch winder ?

A watch winder is a device used to keep an automated watch running when it is not being worn. They come in a variety of sizes, from single to multiple watch winders, depending on the size of your collection.

To prevent an automatic watch from running out of power, you can use a watch winder. They vary in shape, design, material, size, and price, but are essentially the same. By rotating the watch regularly, they ensure that the automatic movement is always powered and ready to use.


  • Putting your automatic watch on the winder, winding and running will keep the oil within the movement properly dispersed, which is good for the longevity of the watch movement. It also adds an element of convenience without having to adjust the date or time.
  • A watch winder is an aesthetic way to show off your watch when you're not wearing it.


Mozsly Watch Winder

Our watch winder are designed to be easy to use

You need to set the direction of rotation - clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternating between the two - and the number of revolutions per day (TPD) you want it to spin. Most watch manufacturers provide guidance on this, but as a rule of thumb, heavier watches require more TPD, and we prefer to set the watch to an alternating rotation schedule. If you are not sure, you can check our blog to find out how many revolutions your watch needs to make per day. After adjusting the settings, the winder will start winding your watch.

Take care of your watch

Our watch winders are sealed with a glass cover that is completely sealed from dust and dirt. It protects your watch well when you are not wearing it.

The built-in retractable watch pillow

Our MOZSLY watch winder comes with two pillows, suitable for most men's and women's mechanical watches. The interior foam cushion is soft enough to fit the watch band not more than 8.7 inches, watch dial is not more than 55mm.

Ultra-quiet motor to ensure you're good sleep

With Japanese upgraded Mabuchi motor, control tiresome noise below 10 DB, offers extremely quiet, stable running and long life. Ideal for placement in offices, living areas or even bedrooms.

2 power types

Can run on AC power (100-240V) or 2 x C batteries (not included), and a connecting cable (supplied) allows you to easily connect multiple watch winders together. (Note: These two power supply methods cannot be used at the same time, if you choose 2xC battery for power supply, you need to disconnect the AC adapter, if you choose AC Adapter, you need to remove the 2XC battery.)batteries lifespan depends on watch weight and TPD setting.

Magnetic design

Scientific anti-magnetic, the movement is free from magnetic interference, effectively protecting the watch.

Our watch winders start from a price of $89.99 to $ 159.99 depending on the size and style.

Discover our range of  Mozsly watch winders via the website

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