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How to repair Mozsly watch winder?

by SheldonLong 20 Sep 2022 0 Comments

How to repair Mozsly watch winder?


Watch Winder Replacement Motor-Mozsly

We are sorry you are experiencing this problem, if you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Our motor replacement kit comes with a brand new motor, three different types of screwdrivers, and a screw pack (many screws are extra because we are afraid you will lose them during the replacement process)


Now we start replacing our Mozsly new motor!


1.First unscrew the back of the four screws


2.Open the battery back cover, then open the entire back cover


3.Unplug the back cover link motor power


4.Open the acrylic cover, take out the pillow, and its protective cotton inside


5 .Unscrew the screws inside and remove the rotary barrel

(Here you need another hand to press the barrel wall to make it fixed)


6.Unscrew the three screws of the motor and take off the old motor


7.Align the holes, insert the new motor, screw on the two screws

(Note that the new motor uses the longest new screws in the screw package, the old motor screws are not available)


8.Install the forward barrel and tighten the screws


9.Insert the new motor power


10.over the back cover plate and tighten the back cover screws, install the battery cover

 (Note the direction of the cover plate upward, do not cover the reverse)


11 .Join the protective cotton, pillow.


12.Unscrew the three screws of the motor and take off the old motor


Put the motor now, we have to put all the watches back in place, they fit perfectly, after everything is in place, we have to test that the motor is working quietly and our replacement will not be a problem.


Thank you for your support of Mozsly! If you have any questions, you can always contact us.We hope you enjoy our MOZSLY watch winder and service.


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Click Mozsly for a video installation tutorial!

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