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How Should I Deal With the Magnetization of my Watch?

by SheldonLong 16 Sep 2022 0 Comments

How Should I Deal With the Magnetization of my Watch?


For the average watch owner, few modern factors pose a greater challenge to mechanical watch movements than the scourge of magnetism. Of course, water resistance is important, but if you don't want to get wet, you can usually see the water coming and try to avoid it. On the contrary, magnetism is a silent, unseen threat to the everyday wearability of a watch, and many of you have dealt with the problem of a watch (or several watches) being magnetized.

The most prominent sign of magnetism is a high degree of inaccuracy, usually being off by more than a minute per day. You can obtain a more precise reading by using a timegrapher. A magnetized watch usually gains more than a hundred seconds per day, and usually has an abnormally low amplitude, due to the restricted movement of the hairspring.


How can you tell when a watch is magnetized?

To test for magnetism, there are two simple methods that you can do at home.


Put the watch close to the compass. If the compass deflects a lot, the watch is magnetized. Even if the watch is not magnetized, because the watch itself is made of steel, when the watch is close to the compass, the compass will move slightly, but the deflection is very small.


Compass degaussing watch -blog

Using the Lepsi app:

If you don't already have one, you can buy it for free on iTunes (Apple only).
Set up the app to position the magnetic sensor on the phone (follow the instructions). Click "Start" and wait 3 seconds. Place the watch about 1 cm from the sensor without touching the screen. If your watch is magnetized, the message "Magnetic detected" will appear, otherwise, your watch is fine.


Using the Lepsi degaussing watch-blog

How Do I demagnetize My Watch?


  1. Bring your watch to your watchmaker. Every watchmaker has demagnetizing equipment available in their shop and will be able to take care of your watch in a few minutes. The cost of this service is generally nominal or even free, depending on your relationship with the watchmaker.

watchmaker degaussing-blog


2. Buy a degausser. Generally, you can buy your demagnetizer online for less than $20 and just wait for it to arrive. 


degausser degaussing watch-blog

How to use a demagnetizer to demagnetize a watch

Once you have confirmed that your watch needs to be degaussed and received a degausser, the process is simple but specific.

  • Turn on the power and press the red switch.
  • Hold the watch with your hand, slowly lift the watch straight up and away from the degausser, while pressing the button with the other hand, then repeat.
  • Note that the movement cannot directly touch the degausser. When passing through the degausser, it must be in one direction.
  • After the magnet is removed, the magnetic force is eliminated.,
  • Put the watch back in place but not on the degausser.
  • After each cycle, retest the magnetism of the watch until the effect is as small as possible.

    How to protect a watch from magnetism

    After demagnetizing a watch, you would want to minimize any further risks from magnetism. Otherwise, all your efforts at demagnetizing the watch would go to waste.

    A general rule of thumb for protecting a watch from magnetism is twofold: avoid strong magnetism and prolonged exposure to magnetism. On one hand, you want the watch to stay away from the strong magnetic field, which exists around microwaves, speakers, MRI scanners, etc. On the other hand, the watch should not stay for a long period of time near magnetic objects. If you follow these rules, your watch should be free from magnetism. But even if it gets magnetized again, you’ll know what to do with it now.

    Magnetization of my watch-blog

    Finally, Our Mozsly watch winder has an anti-magnetization design, scientifically anti-magnetic, the movement is free from magnetic interference, effectively protecting the watch. There is no need to worry about magnetization when using a Mozsly watch winder because all our products have been anti-magnetized.

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