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How to Wind a Mechanical Watch?

by SheldonLong 02 Sep 2022 0 Comments

How to Wind a Mechanical Watch?


Many people like mechanical watches, but the concept of mechanical watch winding is rather vague. Improper operation can do harm to the movement and shorten the service life of the mechanical watch. In particular, there are several watches that want to wear watch lovers in rotation, and they must master the correct winding method of mechanical watches.

Rolex mechanical movement HD picture


Before talking about the winding method of a mechanical watch, we must first distinguish whether the watch in our hands is an automatic mechanical watch or a manual mechanical watch. The judgment method is also quite simple. Just shake the watch in your hand a few times and put it to your ear to hear the sound of the movement inside. If you can listen to the rustling sound of the oscillating weight rotating, then it is a self-winding mechanical watch. No. So how should these two watches be winding?

Rolex 3255 self-winding movement in detail

Automatic mechanical watches can be automatically found under the condition of normal wearing for 8 hours to ensure sufficient kinetic energy storage, so friends who buy automatic mechanical watches are best to wear them every day, so as to avoid the trouble of winding. However, there is likewise a lack of kinetic energy. When the kinetic energy of the watch is insufficient, the winding method of the instinctive mechanical watch and the manual mechanical watch is the same. Gently pull the crown of the watch out, then turn the crown clockwise slowly and evenly to complete the manual winding operation. However, how many turns must be rotated to ensure sufficient kinetic energy? The number of turns is not sufficient, and the number of turns may cause damage to the movement, so this problem is more tangled.

How many turns does a manual mechanical watch make?

For manual mechanical watches. Whether there is damage to the movement when fully loaded depends on the movement settings of the watch. If your watch is equipped with an overload protector, it will idle after the winding reaches the limit. If the protector is not loaded, it will not rotate. So how many laps is appropriate? Generally speaking, 30-40 laps are enough to guarantee a day's use,

The correct way to manually wind a mechanical watch

Manual mechanical watches generally wind the clockwork in the watch by turning the crown, and the clockwork system releases kinetic energy to drive the watch to run. These steps are done through mechanical principles and structures. The winding process of a mechanical watch:
1. pulls out the handle and turn the handle clockwise to wind the watch. It is greatest when not turning.
2. It is usually best to find the mechanical watch at a fixed time every day, and the winding action should not be too violent. Excessive force can cause unnecessary damage to the watch.
3. Generally, a manual winding mechanical watch rotates the crown clockwise about 25 to 30 revolutions, but this is not absolute. The specific details still depend on the type of watch you buy.

If the manual winding method is adopted, it is best to perform the winding operation at the same time every day, which has a good protective effect on the watch and can also prolong the service life of the watch.

It is best not to use manual winding frequently for automated mechanical watches because this will cause the steering wheel in the movement to run at a high speed, which will cause certain damage to the watch. Therefore, I suggest you use a Mozsly automatic watch winder. Put it in the watch winder when you take off the watch so that you can guarantee enough kinetic energy reserve no matter when you wear it. But it is not absolute, so it depends on what movement the watch uses.

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