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How to Wind an Archimede Watch?

by SheldonLong 16 Dec 2022 0 Comments

How to Wind an Archimede Watch?


About Archimede
Archimede Manual Winding Steps
Archimede Watch the Winder Setting
Recommended Watch Winder
In Conclusion

About Archimede

First launched in 2003, the Archimede is a favorite among watch lovers. Known for its expert workmanship, down-to-earth designs that put usability first, and prices that belie the care and precision with which they are manufactured, its quality and exceptional value often define Archimede.

Based in Pforzheim, Germany, Archimede Watches is owned and manufactured by the Ickler family. They are well-known for their size and dial variation pilot watches, but they also produce a wide range of versatile modern sports watches, such as their unique outdoor collection.

Why Manual Winding for Archimede Watches?

The most common reason for Archimede watches to be hand wound is so that you can set the time accurately with it, this saves you from having to reset the watch as often, it also means that the watch will always be accurate and reliable.
Winding a watch is a complex endeavor, but for many watch lovers, it is one of the joys of interacting with a watch.

Archimede Watch Manual Winding Steps 

Manual winding: hold the watch with one hand, and unscrew the crown firmly with the other hand until the feeling returns to zero, then wind until you feel resistance (be sure to slow down just enough until it is full if you have been using it since the beginning). (With the same force and speed, it is easy to damage the winding mechanism when it is suddenly filled.) It is recommended to turn the crown at least 30 times to keep the moving parts well-lubricated.

For manual winding, the process is simple, and you will find that winding your Archimede gives you a few minutes of peace every day!

Archimede Watch the Winder Setting

In most cases, most Archimede watch automatic movements can be wound properly. In general, Archimedes' self-winding movements need to rotate 650–800 revolutions per day, and most of them can be wound clockwise.

Below are some of the most popular Archimede models and their winding settings.

《CW》 - Clockwise winding direction;
《CCW》 - Counterclockwise winding direction;
《Both》 - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
《–》 - Undefined;Definitions:

Arcadia ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Argentum ETA 2824 Both 650
Classic Chronograph   CW 800
Classic 39   Both 650
Outdoor diver Chronograph   CW 800
Outdoor Protect   Both 650
Outdoor Sport ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Outdoor Sport Black   Both 650
Outdoor Sport Chronograph Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Outdoor Trekking Steel ETA 2824 Both 650
Outdoor Trekking Titanium ETA 2824 Both 650
Pilot ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot Chronograph ETA 7750 CW 800
Pilot Fliegerkrone   Both 650
Pilot H ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot L ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot M ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot W ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot XL A Automatic ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilotvon 45mm   Both 650
Rally Flieger ETA 2824 Both 650
Rally Night ETA 2824 Both 650
Rally Sahara ETA 2824 Both 650
Sport Puls ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Sport Taucher ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Vintage 44 mm ETA 2824-2 Both 650

If you cannot find your watch model (or movement) in this watch, you can try to determine your Archimede winding mode. You should choose the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and minimum turns per day (TPD). Then put the watch into the watch winder and check the accuracy of the time displayed by the watch after a few days.  If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one step.

Archimede Watch Time Adjustment Method

- Pull the crown outwards with one push
- Set the watch to the exact local time.
- Push in the crown and turn clockwise until secure.
- Push the crown firmly into position 1 and the watch starts to move.
Some Archimede watches have a screw-down crown that must be unscrewed to change the time or date. After use, the crown must be pressed against the case and tightened. Otherwise, it will affect the waterproof performance of the watch.

Can I Always Wind my Watch Manually With the Crown?

It’s okay to do this once in a while, but not too often—especially if your watch has a screw-down crown.
Firstly, with crown winding, the gears and other parts of an automatic movement will wear out faster, as will the screw-in crown system, as it is not designed for frequent use. Self-winding watches should be worn for at least eight hours a day to make the most of their power reserves, so rather than letting your automatic watch's power reserve drain, invest in a simple automatic watch winder.

What Watch Winder is Suitable for Archimede?

There is no question that a fine watch needs a fine-watch winder. Here are 2 highly-rated watch winders that we recommend.

MOZSLY® Double Watch Winder -Orange Leather  

double watch winder box-blog

  • Material: wooden box/PU leather/acrylic board
  • Color: Orange/Black/Brown/Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 8.8*5.9*4.7 inches
  • 4 modes with TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500
  • All three winding directions are supported
  • Antimagnetization
  • Use Japanese upgraded Mabuchi Motor
  • Dual power
  • 3 Years Warranty

This watch features a unique orange winding with a multi-layer paint process for a more beautiful, shiny, and smooth finish. Inside, the leather and wood grain look sleek and luxurious. looks great.

MOZSLY® Single Watch Winder - Black Leather

single watch winder box-blog

  • Material: wooden box/PU leather/acrylic board
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 6 x 4.4 inches
  • 4 modes with TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500
  • All three winding directions are supported
  • Antimagnetization
  • Use Japanese upgraded Mabuchi Motor
  • Dual power
  • 3 years warranty

This watch winder is as simple and understated as Archimede's other classic black watches. If you're a watch collector who wants your watch to look elegant and unobtrusive, this black watch winder is perfect for you. This will help improve the look of your expensive watch without being overly ostentatious.

MOZSLY watch winders use high-quality upgraded Japanese Mabuchi motors, a well-known brand that manufactures precision motors. These motors keep the noise below 10 decibels, so even if you put it in your bedroom, it will give you a very quiet experience. The internal motor is closed and can be separated from the watch so that the watch will not be magnetized and affect the travel time. With a 36-month warranty and friendly customer service, we welcome you to purchase our watch winders.

In Conclusion

Winding an Archimede watch is a simple process that requires just a few steps. First, determine which watch winder is suitable for your Archimede watch. Second, follow the instructions for winding the watch. Finally, enjoy your newly wound watch!

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