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How to Wind an Aristo Watch?

by SheldonLong 29 Dec 2022 0 Comments

How to Wind an Aristo Watch?


About Aristo
Aristo Manual Winding Steps
Aristo Watch the Winder Setting
Recommended Watch Winders
In Conclusion

About Aristo

ARISTO was founded in 1907 by Julius Epple in Pforzheim, Germany's jewelry and watchmaking center. Today, Aristo Watch Co. has joined forces with Ernst Vollmer. All automatic movements used in Aristo watches are imported from Switzerland. This makes for a perfect combination of German-designed and manufactured cases and bracelets with high-quality automatic or mechanical movements.

Today, Aristo offers a wide range of watches, from classic designs to aviator Flieger style models known for their excellent value.

Why Manual Winding for Aristo Watches?

The most common reason for Altanus watches to be hand wound is so that you can set the time accurately with it, this saves you from having to reset the watch as often, it also means that the watch will always be accurate and reliable.
Winding a watch is a complex endeavor, but for many watch lovers, it is one of the joys of interacting with a watch.

Aristo Watch Manual Winding Steps

  1. Mechanical movement watches

Before using the watch you will need to wind it up by turning the winding crown several times between your thumb and index finger until it stops.
Fully wound up, the movement is powered for approx.

  1. Automatic watches

An automatic wristwatch is wound by a rotor that moves back and forth during the normal activities of wearing it and in so doing winds the spring.
A fully wound self-winding movement runs for around 40 hours. If the watch is only worn occasionally, the spring must first be started by hand, by moving the crown back and forth three to four times using the thumb and index finger. An overwind protection mechanism stops the spring from being wound too far.

Aristo Watch the Winder Setting

Aristo watches will wind correctly in most circumstances. Generally speaking, Archimedes' self-winding movements need to rotate 650-820 revolutions per day, and most of them can be wound clockwise.

Below are some of the most popular Aristo models and their winding settings.

《CW》 - Clockwise winding direction;
《CCW》 - Counterclockwise winding direction;
《Both》 - Combined mode (Clockwise + Counterclockwise);
《–》 - Undefined;Definitions:

4H 190 SL   Both 650
Aerzte Uhr   Both 650
AS Marine   CW 820
Aristo Blue Baron ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Aristo XL ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Aviatus ETA 2824 Both 650
Award 2003: 4H30 AR2538 Harley
Bahnhofsuhr Pforzheim: 3H26S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Beobachter: 3H57A ETA 2824 Both 650
Beobachteruhr / Observer: 5H37S ETA 2824 Both 650
B-Uhr XL Sextant   Both 650
B41 California Dial   Both 650
Beach Hunter   Both 650
Blue Baron   Both 650
Bomber: 5H38S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Carbon Chrono   CW 800
Carbon Watch   Both 650
Carbon II ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Chrono 2002 Ti: 5H60ZB Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Chronograph, Flieger Chronograph "Super LumiNova" Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Dakar 2004   Both 650
Dakar: 3H37 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Dessau   Both 650
Doctors Watch: 4H87 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Edition AS 2072 AS 2072
Einsatz   Both 650
Flieger: 7H16 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Flieger Titanium ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Fliegeruhr: 4H11TU ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Fliegeruhr Titan: 4H06S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Fliegeruhr ME 262   Both 650
Fliegerchronograph Steel   CW 800
Fliegerchronograph XL   CW 800
Formula Black Race   CW 800
Gelbe 7: 3H262-7 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Hunter: 4H89L ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Hunter "Beach Hunter": 3H76 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Hunter "Black Street Hunter": 3H75 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Jager 90: 3H41 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Jubiläumsedition   Both 650
Kampfschwimmer California Dial   Both 650
Kunstflieger Professional: 3H33 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Kunstflieger Standard: 3H32 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Marine: 7H18 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Marineuhr AS 2072   CW 820
ME 262 Gelbe 7, Tango Tango ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Messerschmitt: ME109 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Modern Art   Both 650
Navigator: 3H59A ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Offizier: 7H17 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Offizier-uhr: 4H32S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot: 3H58A ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Pilot Watch: 3H108, 3H109 ER 6100 Both 650
Pure Pilot 40: 3H114 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Rallye Watch 2009   Both 650
Schwarze X: 3H262-X ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Sextant: 5H40S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
SL   Both 650
Sprint: 5H56TU ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Submarine Clock: 3H17R ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Taucher   Both 650
Titan-Flieger   Both 650
Tonneau: 7H19 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Tonneau Black: 4H29S ETA 2824-2 Both 650
U-Boot: 3H17R ETA 2824-2 Both 650
U-Boot Beobachteruhr Titan   Both 650
Weisse 3: 3H262-3 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
White Bomber: 5H19R ETA 2824-2 Both 650

If you cannot find your watch model (or movement) in this watch, you can try to determine your Aristo winding mode. You should choose the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and minimum turns per day (TPD).  Then put the watch into the watch winder and check the accuracy of the time displayed by the watch after a few days. If you run behind, you need to increase the TPD by one level.

Aristo Watch Time Adjustment Method

Pull out the winding crown so that it clicks once.
Turn the winding crown in a clockwise direction to adjust the date at speed.
Set the date to the day before.
If your watch has a day-date setting, set the weekday by turning the winding crown in an anti-clockwise direction.
Now pull the winding crown out as far as it will go.
Turn the winding crown so that both hands turn in a clockwise direction. The date will click over to the next day as you turn through every 24 hours, then set the hands at the actual time of day. Make sure the hands pass "12" twice if you set the time after midday.
- For setting the time to the second, the second-hand stays in its position when the winding crown is entirely pulled out ("hack set").
Push the crown in fully now to get your watch started.

Please note: The date calendar of the chronograph automatically switches to the next day between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. During this period, the date calendar should not be changed and the time should not be put back in its original position (risk of damage).Self-winding watches with screw-down crowns some watches are equipped with a screw-down crown. To wind the watch manually and set the date and exact time, turn the winding crown counterclockwise. After setting the time, push in the winding crown again and carefully screw it into place. The watch is only water-resistant when the crown is screwed back in place.

Can I Always Wind my Aristo Watch Manually With the Crown?

It’s okay to do this once in a while, but not too often—especially if your watch has a screw-down crown.

First, the gears and other parts of an automatic movement will wear out faster when wound with the crown, and the same goes for the screw-in crown system, as it is not designed for heavy use. Self-winding watches should be worn for at least eight hours a day to make the most of their power reserve, so rather than letting your automatic watch's power reserve drain, invest in a simple automatic watch winder.

What Watch Winder is Suitable for Aristo?

There is no doubt that a fine watch needs a fine-watch winder. Here are 2 highly-rated watch winders that we recommend.

MOZSLY® Double Watch Winder -Orange Leather  

double watch winder box-blog

  • Material: wooden box/PU leather/acrylic board
  • Color: Orange/Black/Brown/Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 8.8*5.9*4.7 inches
  • 4 modes with TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500
  • All three winding directions are supported
  • Antimagnetization
  • Use Japanese upgraded Mabuchi Motor
  • Dual power
  • 3 Years Warranty

This watch features a unique orange winding with a multi-layer paint process for a more beautiful, shiny, and smooth finish. Inside, the leather and wood grain look sleek and luxurious. looks great.

    MOZSLY® Single Watch Winder - Black Leather

    single black watch winder box

    • Material: wooden box/PU leather/acrylic board
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: 4.4 x 6 x 4.4 inches
    • 4 modes with TPD settings ranging from 650 to 1500
    • All three winding directions are supported
    • Antimagnetization
    • Use Japanese upgraded Mabuchi Motor
    • Dual power
    • 3 years warranty

    This watch winder is as simple and understated as Aristo's other classic black watches. If you're a watch collector who wants your watch to look elegant and unobtrusive, this black watch winder is perfect for you. This will help improve the look of your expensive watch without being overly ostentatious.

    MOZSLY watch winders use high-quality upgraded Japanese Mabuchi motors, a well-known brand that manufactures precision motors. These motors keep the noise below 10 decibels, so even if you put it in your bedroom, it will give you a very quiet experience. The internal motor is closed and can be separated from the watch so that the watch will not be magnetized and affect the travel time. With a 36-month warranty and friendly customer service, we welcome you to purchase our watch winders.

    In Conclusion

    Winding an Aristo watch is a simple process that only takes a few steps. First, determine which watch winder is right for your Aristo to watch. Second, follow the watch winding instructions. Finally, enjoy your newly wound watch!

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